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We all know what it is and is used for Medical Purposes or for Getting High. Mainly Getting High. which is what inspired the Marihuana Tax Act. Back in 1937, Congress passed this to ban the use of Cannabis throughout the United States which was many started due to the notice of usage from many people, pushing as far back as 1860.

Now why is this relevent to my blog? Well…..This helped inspire a church group to create a little piece of film to release to the general public and I decided to take a look at this piece for my 50th review on It Came From the Drive In. So…What film was this?


Yep. The infamous 1930’s expoltation propoganda film that has been labeled as one of the worst films ever made. It has been gained a bit of a following as well as being Remade, Riffed, and Turned into a Muscial…Well, Let’s get started.

The film tells of a series of events involving some high school sudents who try Marijuana and eventually become addicted, and soon a series of unfortunate events follows after their first time using it. One of them being a kid who accidentally performs a hit-and-run. Another one involves a boy named Bill who starts to have an affair and ends with an untimely death. All of them being connected by a couple who serves the kids the drugs.

The film is told by a series of brachets similar to an Anthology film, partially telling the two stories in different parts. The other parts of the film consist of the couple and how they seem to drift apart from each other as the film progresses.

The Acting in the film was nothing really special or worthy of mentioning. They were all mediocore performances from a relatively unknown cast. Since the film was in an Anthology style of filming, It doesn’t really set up any kind of “Main Character” throughout the film. If there was a main character, I guess it would have to be the Drug Dealing Couple since they get the most screen-time out of the cast.

Much like any Propoganda film, they usually try to push a message into it. The one in this is very VERY obvious: Drugs are Bad. They usually adress the issue via the events of the film and they really try to push this over the edge and into your face at times. It didn’t really seem to persuade me, weither it be taking or avoiding the drugs mentioned.

One of the main reasons this film was popular was the unintentional comedy aspect that the film provided (Much like Ed Wood movies.) Probably from the campy performances throughout the film, the supposed effects from drug use and how it is seems to be overplayed. I didn’t really get that vibe from the movie. I saw it as mostly what it was: A Boring Attempt to tell people about the dangers of drugs.

FINAL THOUGHTS: This was Stupid. It wasn’t very persuading, the acting was very good, the plot of it was rather played up to seem important, and it came off as one of those Cornett PSAs you’d see from the 1950’s. I can’t recommend watching it, or avoiding it. It was just an odd piece of film history.

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