I hate it when you smile for pain, I hate when laugh when I get hurt

You never once had to care for anyone but yourself, the world doesn’t bow to your will

I hate it when you’re the best, I hate it when take my hard work for yourself

All I ever did was help you, and this what you do for me in return

I hate it when you take what’s yours, I hate it when that one it was me you took without a care

I once thought of you has a friend, now I wish you were dead

I want everything to go back the way it was, I want my life back

You have stolen my angel one to many, I for once want it to stay

I hate when you smile when I bleed, I hate it when you hit me when your not you

I want back before everything change, I even want you back

I want my demon to come home, and for once I lived to take care of you

I hate it when you make me do…in words I can’t say…I just can’t

I hate it that I ever loved in the start, I hate it that you killed me when I said I leave you

I hate it, I hate you

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