Did you hear it, the screams… did you.

They say: “help, help us!”

Can’t you hear them getting louder and louder, it makes your ears bleed.

You hear them getting so loud you wish to shut up.

There are so many that wish for help, but are able to help them back in return.

No one ever is, they someday act like them.

In a cage, in a deep dark place where their just echos from afar.

They yelled again. Your frozen to help them now, you wish to help them or get trap as well.

The darkness looks like a black hole and their helps are you hear.

No light. No movement. No sign of life but a cry.

“Help, Help us!”….Can you tell they know you there and they need you.

But when you think you can’t help you walk away.

And your words to them is: “I’m sorry I can’t help you. Your not worth to die for.”

They hear your steps growing quieter and quieter, they scream : “Please come back and help us!”

Your no hero if you walk away from a chance to help.

They keep calling in hope someone who is better will, but yet those cries have been happening for years.

Your not the first to walk the other way, no one of thousands who have done it….

“Help us!”….Be a hero and do something….

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