Just Do It!

A new day.
A new tomorrow.
Start out fresh.
Don’t matter how you do it.
Just start out fresh like as a clear shave or trim of hair.
Hold out a smile and give it to someone dear.
They give same as well.
Let dark days slide away and not give a damn tomorrow.
It’s how you start it and leave it with a bang!
Don’t think you can’t.
Only losers do.
No one else should.
Light up like fireworks and aim high.
Don’t be a dud.
Show off what you can give.
Ain’t no one here or there or anywhere that can tell you other wise.
Its your day.
Why are you still here?
Get lost and start the day.
You can’t while on the ground.
Moping on my watch!
Just do it.
Damn it!
Do it!

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