The Cat’s Tail of Love and Hate

I open my eyes.
I see master,
Is gone for the day.
I am free,
To do what I want.
I flex my arms,
And legs,
From that lovely,
Eighteen hour rest.
A cat like me,
Must keep intact,
Of everything.
I see my “brother”,
Grow up you stupid,
They’ll be back.
They always do.
I then see my,
Other “brother”.
Look at that mangling,
I give him another,
Month at the most.
I wish master would,
Come back.
I want to be,
Ravish again.
The feeling of hands,
And sting that comes,
With it.
I’m purring,
Just thinking about,
I jump from bed,
To the window.
It’s still dark.
I hope master is,
What would I do,
If master just left me.
I can’t think,
That way!
He is not like,
If I was like master,
I would cry.
Must stay strong.
If I ever want to,
Have his children.
I must be strong.
I see his car.
He’s home!
The door opens.
He’s alone.
I just jump into,
His arms and call,
Out my first words,
To him.
“Welcome home, Master.”
He says my name,
And I know.
I’m hooked and in,
I’ll never let that man,
Hurt me again.
I have a new one.
A new home.
And in love,
So deep,
Like the sea.

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