Space. I see you, but ain’t near me.

I yell your name, you don’t look my way.

It feels like your so close, but so far away.

If I move closer, it seems like you move farther.

I try again to call you and still no answer.

You bitch, why won’t you look, I gave everything for you.

Now it seems I made it only worse as you keep moving farther and farther.

Why do you do this to me, I’m the one who wants you here.

I fall to my knees, I have just gave up on you.

You gave up me, then I do the same.

What mother and Father say, I will never forget you.

You stole everything that I have gave to you; my heart, my money, my very soul.

Yet, it can’t fill that black-hole of a heart of yours.

I shall not shed a tear for you, you might have taken everything to me.

But you will not take my spirt, I still have that and I will fine someone better.

So take that, I smile when I know you have just fail to take what’s left of me.

Take that you whore….

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