E has that feeling of Excitement, makes you giddy as a child seeing something only you could loved

X is for that everything is Xerox for the eyes to see, enjoy too much delights

P has that for People, that they be treated has you want to be treated

R is for Respect, for that before you might miss it, that everyone should have, do, and get back in return

E is for that Everyone is welcome for a voice they want others to hear

S goes for that weird Sensation when it’s all said and done

S has to go to one the matters that are hard to speak of, Sex, but hey no need to be shy, that’s just one of many to come into play

I stands for the chance to Inquiry to speak out, and get real answers, no matter how bat-shit insane

O is for the Option to be seen as words or picture, you’re still a human being, through and through

N is going for the Never think no one understands you, for that’s just a damn lie

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