Enlighten the eyes,
Spark them wide with awe,
Woo them into succumb.

Be something not as them,
For something as mirror moments,
Is lack of needing anymore!

Bring them to their needs,
For it’s something they want,
And remember!

It’s has to be something,

A strange word it is,
But it is something,
That can be very welcome!

Listen well,
New apprentices,
It has to be done.

Fear little of what bad mouth makers say,
Sure it comes of here and there,
And can they be right,
But that doesn’t come close,
In recounting you!

If anything,
It can recount to improve,
And have the contravene,
Go away.

Even for just a moment,
To do so,
Having the trivial says of a well done job,
In the end,
Is the sweetest day of victory!

No matter how small it came out,
To be!

And what a victory they come,
To have all the better,
And hold near,
And dare make the next one,
All the best there can be.

All you have to do,
Is prove you have way,
To be different!

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