The new and improved Manic Expression is pretty amazing. Over the weekend I’m going to try and get all my Triple Nerd Score posts back where they belong. Meantime, you can find my archive here on Blogspot.


Comic books are going to be a topic I cover in some I’m detail in the near future. Today is Batman’s 75th birthday so I have things to say about that. It’s also the debut of the first-ever ongoing series for my all-time favorite fictional character, the X-Man known as Storm. So keep an eye peeled for a review of that. I also caved and bought my third DC graphic novel: a book called ‘Trinity,’ which depicts the first meeting of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman.


In other news, barring any unforeseen complications, I’m going to be watching the TMNT movie when it comes out, so that I can bring something to a special crossover that’s hopefully coming soon. More info on this is not mine to divulge.


Finally, and most excitingly: I’m pleased to announce an ongoing project that’ll take place over the course of the summer and fall that celebrates one of my all time favorite animated series ever. (No, it’s not X-Men this time).



I’ll see you then!

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