He is known as all and none. Lives in the life of glory and scum. Falsely seen as the start of the world when is far from the truth. But with no real facts. For all those who knew what was vastly written on stone and cloth. Where he was suddenly seen as the first to step upon the sands of Egypt, father of all gods and goddess.

How could one such as him, Atum, do all this?

With tears from almost losing those of his own from the harsher storms of the start of life. Where his children born of the lands, soon working together, to starting the first breath of man.

For what is known and apart. Atem and Atum are not the same. Craved into the wall of Egypt worlds to be seen far in the times of the futures.

Acts alone of the Higher Lords’ people mix the two. In a finer eye, they are twins. One of a body and one of a star.

Atem blinding those to see only it. For it was the oldest.

Atum blending for those not to see him. For he was the youngest.

When their names are said by the same mouth. They are the same but are different from what they are. Working against and together of the new world. Not of hated or love, but for what is for the greater good. For they don’t mind each other, but for their bloodline forever be a secret from all.

Atum, even for his age that has lived in the world. But with the right guide-lines from those of sky and ground. Atem is proud of him and wish Atem could do for Atum, but too much is at stake if doing so.

The sun disk’s brother does not mind, as long everything goes as they plan.

Be it for the better or worst. The family started together and will end together.

Atem could never ask for a better brother, that could do all thing it can’t, Atum has made a happy sibling glad. By doing so little in one’s eye, but so strong in another.

The End.

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