Atem, the one with no face, no gender, no voice, not even human-like. For all that is Atem is the disk of matter and rays. None of the lower class know of this, but Atem is not the sun but within the sun. Forever in a bright home locked away from the worlds of mortal and immortal.

Speaks nothing of words and if does, it echoes, an inner thought of those who hear. Giving choices of wise and false through ears.

Ra respects as a king to higher lord. Set dismay of Atem of nothing but death upon Atem.

Sadly for Set, a sickness is the only thing he could do and whips Apep to stop his brother Ra from getting Atem to see the world of tomorrow. Set only words to Atem, that sun day will come, that living in a sphere of pure and honest.

But as long Atem is known to the kings of upper class, Atem will forever be lasting. To where Atem has children carry his name in great honor. To that, Set will never win.

In years that come and passed, Atem knows the troubles that Ra has, endlessly fighting with his own brother. Atem spoke of far great times that Apep will someday find his place his brother, as those days long before Atem’s sickness, they’ll stand by each other as the family they used to forever be.

Whenever Atem cleanse the sickness from his disk, to where the sun glow forever, peace will come, and finally everything can ever be at rest.

Atem never meant hurt his people of gods and none, for that he’ll get better. For everything that he is and what was vastly sent down below the heavens. The world of his people will someday never be left in darkness.

No one will feel the fear of what Set has done. Atem will not stand for it.

Set, you have been warned, your finally days are number, not Atem.

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