How ever one of the All Knowing of those that are infallible for those working un the Underwolrd. Rumors of the death Gods that thrived in darkness, feeding off fear and sadness to grow strong. Few going as far to even bring others to kill one another for the dahlia of ruby copper to flow about the sandy land Egypt, darkening it to match the night sky and transforming the Nile into bitter raw wine that was once clear and blue.

All Underworlders would be seen as that. Walking destruction. But far from the truth.

Anubis, an underling trained to be lord of death, but was outrank by Set, a crazed god who deeply enjoy the pain, the tears, the screams, the killing, and most of all delight himself a bathe in blood of the humans for that it enrich him as no other of the ranks the undead could understand nor want too.

For that, without much a fight Anubis found a new place that he could be notice and not be outshined by the crazed god. Much to Anput disdain, help, if one was to call it that, in the mummification. But Anubis was not far great than Anput did, thus many of the humans tried different ways rid him, for how his mortal form of the jackal would do as he thought right, but sadly no one would side with him.

In years to come, Anubis learned, thanks to little Anput, in hopes to please not only the humans but the Higher Gods as well. To show the understanding of Anubis’s doing, the mortal beings took in jackals as pets and thought them as good luck that with the hounds would lead them to the havens.

Anubis did his best for those who tried, not much as to say for those who would meet Set. In display of that, a duel of wits was made against the jackal-head Anubis and the wild animal known as Set. Though Anubis wits were playful with others, such as Ra and Anput, it was more of a battle with Set.

A bloody battle where one could almost on one’s knees. When times Set would win, having Anubis crawling back to safety. Other times, rarely to small victories, would gladly see Set on the ground, no strength to go on, saying the few words of Anubis’s win and hastily ask him to leave, before anything more formidable happen to either of them.

To everybody of human’s world, know who fighting for you in the afterlife.

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