When the sun sets below the world of the living and travels through deep bowls of the underworld. Ra alone carries the burden of future mornings to come. Boating through many trails of rivers, rivers not of water, but of past souls, lingering death, and forever lasting doom.

Once before all this, the sun never needed to make this choice, at a time where it would always be in the sky. Until Set cursed the powerful white star with a sickness, making it weak, having it at the mercy of the underworld. Ra wouldn’t have it that way.

And Set wouldn’t let Ra win without a fight. How so?

Apep, little brother of Ra, who both at the time, were the best of kinship with one another. But during the harsh times of Egypt, they broke apart. The beginning of Set’s curse upon the sun, casting all lands into the darkness of his home.

Ra found this cruel to the humans and wanting things back to the way they were. As for Apep who enjoyed the coolness of the sand for once against his scaly skin, for once able to travel the lands with little trouble.

But both brothers thought the other was thinking only in selflessness. One putting too much faith in mere humans and the other wanting to live just as the other.

Apep born far different from his brother. Watching of how Ra could go about the land of light and not feel pain. As for Apep mostly trapped in a place far from light and heat. Fowling words to the star that change his life to hell. He wanted what his brother had. And would take the chance in doing so in any way.

Set open his eyes to it and grabbed for it. Losing family for freed was the cost far better than any riches of gold and gems could give. It was by then that Apep and Ra were at necks. Fighting for the white star.

Apep hopes for one day to eat that star and end the world in forever darkness.

Failures have only been the outcomes. Barking words to his brother that his day will come and left to heal from wounds that scattered about his snake being.

Yet, Apep would never see how much pain Ra carries along with the sun, a bright reminder of the family he lost for the sake of humans who know largely or little of those who look below them.

A small lore is trustily said that the first time the sun went into the underworld, along with Ra as its guide. It was once said he shed a tear when knowing of who he would end up fighting for life and death. For it the day Apep ran to the hands of Set, swearing one day Ra will learn not to small-minded of him.

Ra never did, because Apep was always his brother first before becoming his greatest enemy.

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