She lived and thrived by the Nile. Minding a small sum of food for her people. In return, near the rise of the water, where she’s cleanse the land of little trouble known by her still gaze. With the land eyes of a gazelle and the eyes of flight of a crane, wandering and wondering about and through the lands and its people. Enjoying greatly and greedily of the gift tossed into the Nile as thanks.

For such a grand woman, Anuket has no real past. Her family not clear of who she is or what she was truly to become. But her people don’t mind, as long that river floods and gives food during the low tides. The people of Egypt gladly take and give as does the same.

Anuket cared wonderfully in the human realm and afterlife. In return, during the long nights, where stars fill the sky, and the moon is waxing. The temples made from her people to her. Anuket wanders the halls, reading her past that she shared with the children and young adults of her people.

Finding one story of when a child was suddenly washed into the Nile, of a time the floods were new to her, having little to no control of them. But somehow, unknowingly, was able to reach the child and back to land, thanking in chants of many gods and goddess who looked out the child, even more to Anuket, giving blessing that she was always welcome to dine with the child and his family, along with many generations to come.

To that she did, as a baby gazelle, needing a home to stay until grown a fully adult. She taught them of the young generations of how to become adults and follow in the footsteps that was given each time.

In her times of a crane, she would soar the sky. Having her pure color feathers of blue, white, black, and gray blend with the skies of morning, noon, and night. From sunrise to sunset. Watching her little ones that play near her Nile. Calling in prays that they hope she’ll answer fully and honesty. To which she does.

For that is Anuket, Goddess of the Nile.

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