I can’t say much as why it’s badly done.

I know it can hurt if you’re the one being the target for it.

Might come a time,

Where you’re life be on the line.

If the odds are eight to one, you better scream for help.

If comes a chance where you can only see the world half for what it is,

Better than seeing it as nothing.

If walking becomes a chore,

Take each step as a goal,

Limps and all,

For you’re almost there.

Words come in slurres for the hits,

Keep talking,

The words will start making sence soon.

If your body bares scars of the past,

And your still here,

You did something right.

You kept living,

Even when the world didn’t when want you too.

If have come to a place where,

Everything is just right,

And it feels like your own little world.

You hold onto it,

Care for it,

Tend to it and love it,

For that is something,

That not bully can take from you.

How should I know,

If I never bare quite a pain,

Suck as yours.

Maybe for that,

All pain is different and we take it different.

Hell has knocked me down enough,

And a few times,

I knocked back.

If you kept going beyond what life did,

And see life still has left.

You did better than them.

And that’s all I can say for from target to the next.

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