Your sweet one the outside, yet sour on the inside

I cry as you laugh at the world that comes to an end, and only gets worse

Your lips are bitter, but your words are so sweet in my mind

You make everything bittersweet, nothing good or bad

Your hand are soft at the touch, but your thrusts are breaking me from within

My tears are salty, your sweat is musky

You make are world more bitter then sweet, but still you hold an hand out to me

I’m a lover, you’re a fighter…what can there be done

I am the moon, your are the sun…let the people see what can not be hear

The world hangs in the line of hate and love…a bittersweet ending is what comes for it

We shall brace for that day, hand in hand

I’ll rather stay up late in the stars, as you sleep in the rain

I see things clear, as you have fog that blocks what right and wrong to you

We help each other for the best, even when both don’t want it

Bittersweet endings always get the best of us, no matter who it could be

There all done by the choices we make, the world will never be clean

Bittersweet, bittersweet, oh how is life a treat

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