Today is my birthday and I thought I would treat myself to a little nostalgia. I love theme songs! Just listening to a classic TV show theme is enough to bring back such good memories. I have every compilation CD and my IPOD is full of them.  When done right, a really good theme becomes bigger than the show.

Awhile back I did a few articles on my favorite theme songs. But my inability to pick and choose made the lists have 11 choices! So today I want to talk about the cream of the crop. The five best Sitcom theme songs of them all (in my opinion anyway)!

#5.The Brady Bunch

Is there anyone in the world who doesn’t know this theme? Even if you despise the show, you know the way ths goes. I know most would choose Gilligan’s Island, but for me it will always be the story of the lovely lady that tops my list.


#4.Welcome Back, Kotter

I hated this show, but what can I say? The theme song is great! John Sebastian wrote a song which perfectly captures the series, and it was released as a full length song (as was all of these except the first). 70’s had a lot of good themes like Taxi and Mary Tyler Moore but this is the one I think is the best.


#3.Happy Days/Laverne & Shirley

Is a tie cheating? Ah, who cares. What can you say? Both of these songs are simply fantastic. I have mixed feelings for these shows, but the theme songs are awesome! These shows were both so groundbreaking, and who doesn’t love The Fonz?


I could be wrong but I think I knew the song before I became a fan of the show. That’s how great this song is! It just fits the show perfectly, not just the lyrics but the whole piano melody. I think Les has said he still gets request for this, please correct me if I’m wrong, and I have no doubt about it. Family Ties was nice but dull and Cosby doesn’t cound as a theme song. This is the ideal theme, perfect marriage of song and show.



I know, I know. But this theme does everything right. It’s a catchy song, it fits the mood of the show, and it even gives you an idea of what it’s about. Well, sort of anyway. I love this song and it’s not wonder it was such hit in the 90’s.The 90’s is when theme songs were starting to fall out of fashion, and so this was a refreshing way to show that good theme songs will always be loved.


The list of honorable mentions is way to long. But from the non-sitcom world we have the theme to The Greatest American Hero. I adore this song, heck Cinema Snob even uses it, and it is perfect. I leave you with it:

I did a BEST list today, so I guess I should do a WORST list. And I think I have a good idea for one! Look out for that in a couple days.

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