I have already talked about two specials which I did not like. But they are not the worst I have ever seen. That award goes to the horrible Direct to Video specials out there.


The fact that something is direct to video is usually not a good sign. If it does not start out in theaters or on TV it probably means the show is so bad that no one wanted anything to do with it. Well, sometimes that isn’t true. Mickey’s Once Upon a Christmas was really good for example. Beauty and the Beast:The Enchanted Christmas was OK.Just to name two.
And other times it is REALLY true. We Wish you a Turtle Christmas anyone? How about A Christmas Story 2? I already talked about Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and the Island of Misfit Toys and Casper’s Haunted Christmas. Today I wanted to look at five more direct to video or dvd Christmas specials which I watched,,,and just HATED! Are these the worst out  there? Maybe not, but I sure hate them.
#5.Bah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes Christmas
This isn’t the worst thing the Looney Tunes have done, or even the worst of these kind of specials, but it just isn’t that good either. The idea is to do A Christmas Carol with Daffy. Ok, that sounds fine. The problem? They disregard the characters we are familiar with and give them new identities. Now, before everyone goes nuts I am not saying they are THAT different. But why is Daffy head of a massive supermarket? Why is Porky his assistant? What in the world is Bugs here for? The special doesn’t feel like Looney Tunes, you could rename the characters anything and it would be the same. As a result it just isn’t interesting, it’s just boring.

#4.Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer
This stupid song has grown on me in my old age, so when I heard of this I decided to check it out. Not sure what I was expecting, but man is this lame. It is so far fetched. For the first half it tries to stay true to the song, but after awhile the special just becomes a silly Miracle on 34th St knockoff. The worst part of this? The songs are just AWFUL! I mean, the worst songs I have ever heard! It’s cheap animation with a story full of plot holes, and just isn’t worth the watch.
#3.Beethoven’s Christmas Adventure
This has one major problem that made me give up on this when I tried to watch it. The plot is simple. Santa’s sack is lost and needs to be found. Pretty basic. What ruins it? At one point an elf uses magic to make Beethoven talk. Yes, that’s right. BEETHOVEN TALKS IN THIS MOVIE!!! Not just Beethoven too. I mean, c’mon! Beside that the movie is just so corny and not worth your time. Watch Mike J’s review instead.
#2.Legend of Frosty the Snowman
THIS SUCKED!! AWFUL! Um, sorry. Let me start over. Actually there are three awful Frosty “sequels”. Frosty’s Winter Wonderland which is boring. Frosty Returns which is….sucky. And this one, which is beyond belief awful. Burt Reynolds narrates this story which loosely ties to the classic Frosty cartoon. Very loosely. As bad as Rudolph and the Island of Misfit Toys was, it had some charm. This is just terrible. What’s the plot? I still have no idea what the heck was going on, I just know it sucked.
#1.A Sesame Street Christmas Carol
Do you remember in my review of Elmo’s Christmas Countdown I said there was something worst? Well my friends, here it is. This was another direct to dvd release, and really is just a clip show. Now, I have no problem with that. However, unlike Disney which knows how to package its clip shows in a nice production, this is a real lousy production. Obviously the focus is on Oscar, and guess what? NO OTHER FAMILIAR CHARACTER APPEARS! Well, not including the clips of course. Not only that, but the special does not change location at all. It is Oscar talking to the three ghosts, and I swear the camera does not move once. The past segment features clips from the classic “Christmas Eve on Sesame Street”. What does that have to do with Oscar? Nothing. The present segment has clips of Elmo’s Christmas specials. Nothing to do with Oscar. The future segment is a real lazy bit which has no bearing on anything. In the end, Oscar decides he is happy because Christmas would soon be over. This fails on so many levels! It’s a bad Christmas Carol, it’s a bad Sesame Street DVD, and it’s not even a good clip show. If you run across it, unless you have little children, avoid it!! As lame as “A Special Sesame Street Christmas” was, at least it tried!
A week till Christmas! One more article before Christmas, and I really think you’ll like it. Look out for it later in the week.

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