Last year I talked about great TV villains. Those bad guys who are so memorable that even if you don’t watch the show, chances are you have heard of them. Today I want to focus on the other side of the coin. Awesome villains who are not quite as remembered. Oh they’re popular, but their names always seem to come up after some more notable villains. Either beause they only appared once so didn’t make a good impact, because time has faded them from memory, or simply because the show they were on was not that popular so only a true fan would know and love the villain.


Here are five villains I love that I do not believe get the respct they deserve:
#5.The Trickster (Mark Hamill, The Flash)
Yeah this tv series exists. It doesn’t get that much respect, bit it was a damn good series. A real good adaptation of Flash. They did a decent job re-imagining the classic villains too. Captain Cold was chilling. Mirror Master was…ok. But the best has to Mark Hamill as the Trickster. Fans of the Batman Animated Series would likely recognize the voice, because he pretty much used he same voice as The Joker. The Trickster was boring in the comics but on the show, Hamill turned him into a psycho who would kill without giving it a second thought. He would pill pranks and gags but always with the goal of killing someone. He appeared twice which is pretty good considering the series only lasted a year.

#4.KARR (Paul Frees, Knight Rider) or Lore (Brent Spiner, Star Trek TNG)


Why a tie? Because they have the same backstory. They were both the first creation (of Wilton Knight or Dr.Soong respectively) and due to a glitch proved unstable and had to be shut down until a solution was found to solve the problem. Until some fools reassembled them (and yes I just called the season 1 TNG crew fools). Then KITT or Data was created. KARR, or Knight Automated Roving Robot, is real scary. Voiced by Paul Frees and later Peter Cullen, this was one serious death machine. He was pure evil with NO redeeming qualities. He takes all KITT’S awesome abilities and turns them against you-with no heart, just cold logic. Yes I know he was also in the 2008 revival but I choose not to think of that. As for Lore, he had one thing KARR lacked. The ability to understand emotions and play on the feelings of others. He gets the crew’s sympathy in DataLore and has a whole cult of Borg following him in Descent. Both of these characters only appeared a few times, but they stand out as being very memorable.
#3.Thelev (William O’Connell, Star Trek, “Journey to Babel”)


When people think of villains on Star Trek several come to mind. Klingons. Romulans. Borg. Q. Gul Dukat. But this is one that always slips under people’s radar, and he was a nasty badass. Ok, here is what he does in ONE EPISODE. Surgically altered to pose as an Andorian he infiltrates the Andorian delegation. Murders the Telarite ambassador by breaking his neck. Assaults Captain Kirk and nearly kills him by stabbing him in the back (after a heck of a fight). Helps an Orion vessel attack and nearly destroy the Enterprise with covert communications. Then when he is caught, he taunts Kirk on the Bridge before he kills himself to avoid capture. This guy is just a nasty, slimy villain, and one of the reasons Journey To Babel is a great episode (of course the primary reason is the Spock story but that is another discussion).Oh and why does he murder the Terrlarite? To shake things up and eventually cause a conflict that Orion would profit from because they were neutral. In other words, he killed the ambassador for no real reason! Now that is evil.
#2.Catwoman (Julie Newmar, Batman)


I know peole are going to say she is not underrated, but why is it when people talk about Catwoman her name comes up less and less? It’s true that many people look down on this show. Well, maybe not look down so much as make fun of it. And it deserves it. It was made in the 60’s and was about as campy as you can get. The villains on this show were usually silly too, I mean Egg Head? Really? But Ms.Newmar was a huge exception to that. Catwoman was one villain on the show who was really nasty, she didn’t feel like a cartoon like many others, and she was also in love with Batman. Wasn’t she? Catwoman was also one of the few villains on the show to threaten to outright murder Batman and Robin! This was one character very well done and it’s a shame that as time has past Julie Newmar gets less and less credit for the impact she had on this character. What about the other women who played Catwoman on the series? They can’t hold a candle to the original. She was awesome and looking freaking amazing in that skintight outfit.
#1.Tempest (Lane Davies, Lois & Clark-The New Adventures of Superman)


Last week I talked down about this show so this time I want to talk about something this show did great. That was this villain who was really memorable. The always great Lane Davies played this villain who originally came back in time (with help from H.G.Wells) to kill Superman. Why? The future that he comes from which Superman creates is boring. No, really! He wants the future to have wars and suffering, utopia is just dull! Honestly this could be a silly comic book villain but the performance sells it. Davies is charming as he is sinister with his one liners and the way he seems to know he is on a TV show and has decided to enjoy the heck out of it. He would appear again, one time trapping Lois Lane in an alternate world in a scheme to get her to create Superman so just so Tempest can destroy him. Another episode involved past lives of Clark and Lois and I never saw it. And the last time he appears he brainwashes the whole country, gets himself elected president, banishes Superman into limbo, and in the end nearly nukes the entire world! What a charming badass!
So now I have listed mine, tell me some of your lesser known villains that you love to watch.

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