Star Trek is full of big moments. You know the one’s, moments like a classic Kirk speech or a fantasic space battle. Scenes which we love that people always remember. But what about the smaller moments? Those little scenes which only last a few minutes or even seconds, maybe just a line of dialogue, but leave as big an impact as any big moment.


Here are five of my favorite little moments from various TOS and TNG episodes. Some of these moments come from less than memorable episodes, but these are fantastic moments anyway. And I am sure this I will find more, but here is a good place to start!
#5. Mirror Mirror (TOS)
I love this! Mirror Mirror is a fantastic episode, starting with that opening scene! It may be THE best teaser in any episode, it does everything perfect. It sets up the situation and makes us realize things are not what they should be. Beautiful. The best part is the shot of the ship as the crew beam up, I LOVE the way the image switches around. I have been known and rewind and rewatch that a few times. Beautiful! Especially for the time period, this opening is why ahead of its time IMHO.

#4.Hero Worship (TNG)
Data is awsome! Want proof? Check out this awesome scene from a flat episode. “Hero Worship” is about a boy who just lost his family, who emulates Data. The episode is only so-so. Not the worst ever but not the best. There is nothing very memoranle, except this one moment when Data tells Picard to drop the shields. That sounds like madness, until Picard looks at Data’s face and realizes the android aint kidding around!

#3.Violations (TNG)


I really can’t explain why I love this moment so much. It lasts maybe ten seconds, but it’s one of my favorite moments in any episode. Ok, the set up is that a telepath has been mind raping the crew. At the end of the episode, Troi has to deal with this guy head on. This time she fights back, and as they do Worf walks in and knocks the guy on his butt with one motion of his hand. I love it! Maybe because of how cool Worf is taking this guy down with NO effort, maybe it’s nice to see Troi fight back, or maybe because I hated this villain by the end. You have to watch because it’s fast, but I love it! (this was the best video I could not no t responsible for the contents)

#2.Masks (TNG)


I have noted, as have othes, how Season 7 was really bad for this show. I am not sure what happened, though I think the creators were more worried about DS9 and the movie. This episode is weird and flat boring. I am not sure what the idea was but it fails. This scene is the exception. It is early in the episode when Data feels he is losing his mind. The followin is such a dark moment that Linkara recently homaged it on AT4W. I could only find the line but the scene itself is really good.

#1.Plato’s Stepchildren (TOS)


I have talked about this before, I think, but I will do it again anyway. This is a scene with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy and despite the awful episode this a strong scene. I love this scene for two reasons. One, the fact that there is a scene I love in this god awful piece of s*** episode is remarkable. It makes me nauseus, it’s that bad, But second, it is played soooo well. After the aliens force Spock to do embarassing things, we cut to the scene of the three. And we see Spock is not doing so well. Spock is a vulcan, but he still needs to get the anger and rage he feels out somehow. And the moment he does is just beautiful. Nimoy is perfect here. Check it out, fantastic moment in a HORRIBLE episode.

I will come up with more and share even more awesome moments another time. So what are your favorites?

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