This list has been a long time in coming. I am not sure why, guess a few reasons. One is that it was harder than you would think to come up with just five choices. In fact as you can see I had to make it six because there was one I HAD to have on here. Another reason was because others put out their own fantastic lists and I didn’t want to look like I was stealing their ideas.
But I think now is the time, and so I present the five funniest movies I ever saw. I am not saying that these are necessarily the greatest comedies ever made, just that these five movie made me laugh my a** off, and still do to this day.


This movie is just amazing. Why I find this movie funny I never got. But I do and I love it. Of course one obvious reason are the three leads. Chevy Chase, Martin Short, and Steve Martin who give fantastic performances. They are dimwitted yet lovable guys who get involved with a situation they should have never gotten involved in. The plot is nothing special, it was done again in A Bug’s Life!, but the movie is a fun watch because of how serious it takes itself, which makes the crazy situations even more funny. Not quite a parody but close. This was written by Lorne Michaels of SNL fame and is just a lot of fun. Now some way say, “but Caddyshack was way funnier than this!”. That may be, but the only time I watched that film I just didn’t get it. It’s the one Bill Murray role that didn’t make me laugh. Maybe that movie is due for a re-watch.



One of my few memories of watching The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson was one night on a family vacation. He had Mel Brooks on who talked about this silly space comedy he had made. Now, to be honest, I am not a huge Mel Brooks fan. Blazing Saddles was not that funny to me and his Robin Hood movie was boring. But Spaceballs is the exception. I love this movie! The characters are great, the jokes hilarious, and the lines very memorable. It was as if they embraced what they were parodying and just enjoyed the hell out of it. I always hoped they would do a sequel, alas that never happened. This movie is great because it actually gives us original characters to love, and while the parody is there is not just a blatant knock off. It’s a parody but it also stands on its own which is just awesome! Plus Joan Rivers as Dot? Who can’t love that.


I know, I know. I just did a whole article on this. I will keep it short. But this movie is so hilarious and I love watching it. It just amazes me how well written this movie is, with nearly every line being not only funny but also very quotable. Seriously, how many comedies do you quote lines from? With Ghostbusters, there are dozens of them. I think I have said all I an say about this, just a fantastic movie and one of my favorites of all time.


This movie is amazing. It’s such a small film, and yet I have laughed harder at this than almost anything! The premise is simple, even absurd, as a man finds he cannot lie for an entire day. Made worst because he is a laywer who always lies. Jim Carey is just hilarious and really makes this movie. Go ahead, don’t laugh at the scene where he tries to convince himself the pen is red. Really, give it a try. I dare you! The movie is a lot of fun and even has some heart in it. Ok, the ending is a bit far fetched but if you can buy the premise then what the heck. I loved Jim Carey in films like Truman Show, Bruce Almighty, and Batman Forever but for me this is was his funniest role ever. He seems to trying hard every second he is on the screen and you gotta respect that, heck the performance even earned him a Golden Globe nomination.
#2.AIRPLANE!/Hot Shots/The Naked Gun


Maybe it’s cheating but how in the world can I pick between these Zucker Abrams Zucker comedies? They are hilarious, no matter how many times you watch them. I have watched Airplane 1,321 times and still love it. The sequel is not as good, until we get to the part with William Shatner. That bit at the lunar base, especially the one with the equipment that appears to have no function, make me laugh EVERY TIME I see it. I was fortunate when I saw Naked Gun that I had never heard of Police Squad, and had no idea how much they stole from their own TV series. Leslie Neilson was hilarious and all three movies make me laugh. And of course there was Hot Shots, done by Abrams alone, and was just perfect the way it lampooned Top Gun and Rambo respecitively.I don’t think I need to get into much detail, is there anyone out there who has never seen these?
Other prarodies have come since these but most sucked. Though I thought Loaded Weaopon was a funny send up of the Lethal Weapon series. All in all the magic the Abram and Zucker Bros (and Mel Brooks) had hasn’t been seen in ages. As others like Doug Walker have already said, these guys knew how to do parodies right and there is a reason why these films have stood the test of time while recent crap fades from memory almost immediately. They gave us characters and lines we remember, rather than just cheap references to other films.


It was one night many years when my faher my me watch this old comedy. I expected o be bored. There are three things you should know about me. I am not a fan of older movies. I am not a fan of 3 hour movies that need an intermission. And at the time I first saw this I didn’t know who half the people in this were. So I watchd…and was pleasantly surprised! When I tell you this was the funniest movie I have ever sat through, it says a lot! This was a Stanley Cramer vehicle which had almost every comedian living at the time (either starring or cameoing). The only two I think are missing are George Burns and Bob Hope (which I never got, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band and a cameo in the lame Spies Like Us is ok but they didn’t do this???).
The plot is simple, it’s a race to find money and the story was rehashed into Rat Race (which was quite funny too). The best part here isn’t the story but the performers. They are literally given free reign to do what they do best, and everything works. It was this movie that introduced me to the comedy of Sid Ceasar, Jonathan Winters, Buddy Hackett, and even Ethyl Merman though she is known more for singing. The lead is played by Spencer Tracy, which I never got since he was more knownn for drama. But he is really funny here to. It is one set up after another concluding in one of the biggest visual gags you will ever see in any movie. This movie was made in 1963 and runs at least 3 hours…and I have seen it a million times and always find something to laugh at. I could be here all day talking about how freaking brilliant this pic is. Haven’t seen it? GO SEE IT! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPOINTED!!
Those are the six funniest movies I ever saw. Now there is another reason this was so long in coming. As you may notice the choices are all dated, and well I don’t see many movies anymore. So if anyone wants to suggest a well made funny movie that was made after the 90’s, I am all ears.


Next time, the worst comedies I have ever seen.

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