A funeral and an illness kept me from getting this out last week. Never get conjunctivitis and an ear infection at the same time! Anyway, let’s talk bad movies:

Sadly, not every movie can be a gem. And a movie intended to be a comedy can be boring, even painful to sit through. And while I try my hardest to make sure that every movie I see is at least decent, when I as younger I had a lot less control of that. As a result, I have seen some bad comedies in my time. Sure once in awhile you get a “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure” which turned out to be pretty good. But other times you just get a bad experience.

I am not suggesting these are the worst comedies out there. I am sure there are plenty more which are even worst. But here are six awful comedies I was unfortunate enough to see :

6.Ghost Dad

What’s more embarrassing than the fact that I saw this in theaters? I saw his on a sneak preview in theaters! What can I say, I was a huge Bill Cosby fan (and The Cosby Show was the biggest show on TV) and this sounded like an OK movie. I mean it was directed by Sydney Poitier and the eldest daughter was played by Kimberly Russell who I enjoyed on Head of the Class. How could it miss? Very easily it turned out. There was just no humor in this movie and the script was kind of mean spirited. Nostalgia Critic reviewed this so I will not repeat things he said. The movie is bad, want to know more go ahead and watch his great review of it.


Kevin James can be funny. But this movie is a very bad example of that. I liked Paul Blart, I really did. The fact that the movie was filmed in a mall I go to a lot has nothing to do with it. So I thought I would give Zookeeper a try. Man was this movie boring! I’m sorry, this was supposed to be funny? It was also filled with cliche after cliche. I mean, the romantic interest suddenly gets a job offer in Africa, leading to the standard race to the airport so the hero can tell her he loves her. I care so little I am not even looking up the name. Not funny, and just plain bad. You may notice no Adam Sandler films on this list. It’s because I have only seen a handful of his films and mercifully they were all decent. Besides we all know Adam Sandler has enough bad movies to make up their very own list.

4.Noises Off!

Very often a play can be translated into a movie, and it works. The Odd Couple anyone? How about The Sunshine Boys? But then sometimes….it doesn’t work. At all. Noises Off was a farce which was a succesful play in 1982. It is a slapstick, you have to have perfect timing to make the gags work kind of play. On stage it is probably great! As a movie….not so much. The sad part? It has a fantastic cast! Michael Kain, Carol Burnett, Christopher Reeve, John Ritter. The movie just falls flat and the laughs do not work. At least, they didn’t for me. Unlike a play, a movie can be a farce but it also needs a story and character development to work. We get none here.By the way, you gotta love that movie poster. Boring white and black with a little red. That is one of the worst posters I have ever seen!!!!

3.Stop! or My Mom Will Shoot!

It was down to this or Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter is Dead. But truth is, Babysitter has it’s charming moments even if it is cliched. Honestly, it isn’t the wort thing I have ever seen. Really! I mean the premise is idiotic and the story full of cliche’s and bad acting but it has its moments. But this movie…..I admit, I saw this stupid movie. Why? I don’t know. What is wrong with Sylvester Stallone? Why does he keep making crap like this. It was just…..not good. I don’t remember much about it except that Estelle Getty played the mother. I liked Estelle Getty but even she is better than this crap. It is a cliche cop movie like a million others. I really don’t know what else to say about this. There are movies that the creators should have KNOWN would suck. This is one of them. I do feel better that Sylvester Stallone himself hated this. I admire when an actor admits his mistakes.

2.King Ralph

Yeah 1991 was a rough one for comedies. Ok, I am going to repeat myself for the last two movies so bare with me. What in the world made John Goodman take this role? It wasn’t like he was a nobody at the time. It was 1991! At the time he was in Roseanne and had a decent resume. This movie was awful! The plot? Ok, get ready for this. When the entire royal family is wiped out during an accident at a photo shoot (trust that makes no sense even if I fully explained it) Ralph is brought in from America to be the new King of England because somehow he is distantly part of the blood line. Of course Ralph is a bumbling irresponsible slob. It’s a bad fish out of water story and the movie pulls out all the cliche’s with Ralph bumbling around and basically mocking everything English. They even do that that oh so clever gag where Ralph is knighting someone and almost slices the guys ear off. The movie is bad bad bad!

1.Down Periscope

This one is as forgettable as it gets. Truth is the movie is a tragedy. Kelsey Grammar is a fantastic actor and a good director. And he is also a very funny guy. So it made sense that he would try to make a movie. What in the heck made him decide on this one? When I went to see it the previews made me think this was going to be a satire, like the Airplane movies. Man was I wrong. It was slapstick comedy trying to be a satire and take itself seriously at the same time. To seriously. This was a movie that simply did not know what it wanted to be. It was painful, and not funny with juvenile humor that wasn’t funny just vulgar. It’s about a submarine captain and that’s all you really need to know. It is the worst movie I have ever seen. These days I never go to see a movie just because it happens to be playing and I have time to kill. Why not? Last time I did I saw Down Periscope.

Man were those bad, now you guys tell me the worst comedies you have ever seen.

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