Bill Murray is one of my favorite comedians/actors. He was great on SNL, but most people think of his movies. Caddyshack, Meatballs, Ghostbusters, Scrooged, Groundhog Day, Rushmore, Lost in Translation. But today I wanted to talk about five roles Murray had that kind of get lost in the shuffle of his bigger stuff. But while they do not get the same attention, they are still funny roles and should be remembered. And no, Garfield will not be on this list. Even he couldn’t save that mess!

Ok, before I even start I have to shout out the cameo in Zombieland. It was great! Not on the list because it is not underrated and I have never seen the movie, but I did see the clip and it was a brilliant cameo. Now, let’s discuss my five choices. As always, just my opinion :

#5.What About Bob?

I’m putting this high on the list because I think this is more appreciated than the others here. But it does seem like when people talk about Bill Murray thIs movie hardly ever gets mentioned. Heck I forget it sometimes myself. And I think that’s unfair, since it’s a decent little comedy and Murray is really good playing the annoying patient who straightens his life out while the doctor, played by Richard Dreyfuss, has his life unravel. Worth a watch for a little mindless fun and to be honest, Murray does some great acting in this. His character is likable and you really see the growth he goes through in the movie as he bonds with the family. Yeah Richard Dreyfuss gets a little to much, but it is Richard Dreyfuss after all.

4.Charlie’s Angels
I liked the first movie (we will NOT discuss the sequel) and one of the reasons I liked it was Bill Murray. No one has to tell me the problems he had, I don’t care I still think he was funny in this movie. Of course he played Bosley and did a good job. He was in his whiny mode here, but sometimes I liked him better as cowardly than when he is in stuck up jerk mode.

#3.Space Jam/Little Shop of Horrors

Two cameos and both are great. Space Jam was ok. Yeah, I admit. I did not hate this movie. I think it comes down to the fact tat I was never a huge Looney Tunes fan. So, I can accept the fact that The Looney Tunes are not portrayed right here. The movie is silly and really doesn’t have much to offer. But the highlight may be Bill Murray’s cameo. You gotta love when he just suddenly appears at the Basketball game. That really makes the movie memorable, a credit to Murray. And he literally steals the scene! Of course cameo’s in movies is not new for him, he also has a funny cameo in Little Shop of Horrors. I liked the movie ok though it’s not a favorite. Murray plays the odd dental patient, and my favorite part of that is seeing Steve Martin and Bill Murray in the same scene.


Some may be saying, “What? Bill Murray was in Tootsie? Oh hell yes. It was a small part since he was still a newcomer in many ways, but you know some of the funniest stuff comes from his part. This early 80’s movie starred Dustin Hoffman and if you haven’t seen it–SEE IT!! Yeah today the premise of a guy dressing as a woman is cliched, but give the movie a break it wasn’t cliche then and Dustin Hoffman REALLY pulls it off. Unlike Mrs.Doubtfire this movie is really funny and worth watching. Murray? He plays Hoffman’s roommate and gets involved in the wacky situation. This film is filled with great performances and Bill Murray is one of the best.

#1.Quick Change

I said this about Tootise, but will say it again. SEE THIS MOVIE! The difference of course is that Tootise was a big hit and is a respected comedy. This was a dud, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good. Murray is this whole movie (ok Geena Davis and Randy Quaid are here to as is Jason Robards) and it is just great. It’s about three bank robbers trying to escape from New York City. Yeah, that’s the plot. But the gags are great and we even get some good dramatic moments. Bill Murray is pitch perfect here as the frustrated and exasperated bank robber dealing with obstacle after obstacle, and you pretty much get every side of him in this one movie. I once heard Murray himself say this was one of his favorites because it was shot all over New York.  Publicly this is one of his less known movies, but for me it’s one of my favorite Bill Murray roles of them all.

I admit I have not seen much of his later stuff, but Bill Murray will always be one of my favorite actor/comedians of all time.

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