I have made no secret of how much I love the NC. I stumbled onto him at a VERY low point and he gave me some much needed laughter. I came into these reviews by accident, as I stumbled on his cliche list on YouTube. It got me interested so I wanted to see more and more. That night I was up past 1:00 in the morning, I just couldn’t stop. It is hard to get me to laugh, but his videos had me laughing my a** off!  For the longest time all I watched was Nostalgia Critic, I had no interest in anyone else. That was until a little film called Suburban Knights came along. That was when I officially became a fan of the site and went thru and learned about all the reviewers. Since then I a loyal fan, watching the old episodes while enjoying his newer stuff.

Back in July 2012 I did a list of my top 10 favorite NC episodes. But since that time he has done a LOT more episodes. And I have had second thoughts about some of my choices after re-watching the older stuff. I am also adding a few rules. I have to like the whole review, sketch(es) and all. And no Top 11 or Old vs. New. Those are great but deserve their own category. So here now is my reconsidered list for my TOP 10 NOSTALGIA CRITIC’S!

Wait, there are to many choices. Ah the heck with it….TOP 12 FAVORITE NOSTALGIA CRITICS!!

#12.Pearl Harbor

I am putting this high because to be honest this may not be his best review ever. Doug Walker had admited he was not as clear on certain points as he should have been. However, I love the sketch in this one. There was just something about the Michael Bay stuff which I couldn’t get enough of! Maybe because this was the first so it felt different, I don’t know but I loved this review.

#11.The Room

I waited so long to see this review at first, because I had no idea what the heck The Room was. At first I was an idiot and only watched the reviews for the movies I knew, it didn’t take me long to realize that wouldn’t affect my enjoying the review. But this movie is…unique. And I love the review of it, NC takes advantage of every joke and really disects the movie. I haven’t worked up the courage to watch the thing yet, but the review is a favorite.

#10.A Simple Wish

I know, I know. This is an easy one because of the amazing Mara Wilson cameo. But the truth is, this is a pretty funny review even without that. The movie is so silly and the jokes are pretty good. Doug Walker worked hard on this and it shows! But, it’s the cameo at the end which pushes this from good review into one of THE classic Nostalgia Critic’s of all time.

#9. Ferngully

I didn’t really know who the Nostalgia Chick was when I first saw this but that didn’t keep me from loving this review. This was just so funny; I still crack up when I watch it. Every joke works and we even get an introduction to Big Lipped Alligator Moment. One of the first crossovers I ever saw, and it was just lots of fun.

#8.Cat in the Hat

Tough choice for this slot, but I decided to go with this review. It does several things well. One is the sketch, if you can call it that. I didn’t care much for Evelina (or whatever) when we met her in the Son of the Mask review, but here she was cute. The review itself is good and you have to love the spech the NC gives at the end about why Hollywood shoulnd’t tamper with things that were already good.

#7. Superman IV

This is a great review, and not just because it has my two favorite reviewers. In fact when I first saw it I hardly knew who Linkara was. My favorite moment comes at the beginning, when Linkara is impesrsonating the critic. Nostalgia Critic suddenly appears, and has this look on his face. He doesn’t have to say a word, you get it. I have always loved how expressive his face is. This movie is so easy to make fun of, and they sure do.

#6.Star Trek Month

No WAY I can separate these. I loved every second of Star Trek Month. The review for the Motion Picture had so many hilarious bits, with NC making fun of the slow pace of the movie. His review of the third movie was very fair, as was his review of the fifth movie. Then came Generations, and he hit every note in that movie perfectly. And the review of Insurrection with Linkara was just icing on the cake. Fantastic month of fantastic review.

#5.The Bridge to Terabithia

I loved the hell out of this. First, it was nice to have teh feel of a classic NC. I have no problem when he does the big sketches but it’s always good to have it a little quieter. Also, the jokes here are hilarious! This may be the hardest I laughed in a while. And the way he handles the senstivie subject matter is very nice. It’s obvious this was just a filler piece because he was preparing for Halloween, but who cares it was funny and I loved it!!

#4.The OTHER Animated Titanic Movie

Dear lord this movie was silly! The review on this was really funny. Most of the time when Nostalgia Critic complains about a movie he is watching, it’s kind of hard to really relate. The movie just never seems that bad. This is the exception, this is terrible. I mean, magic moon beams mixed with tears or whatever the hell that was? WTF?? The review is just hilarious. To be honest I love the review of the first Titanic movie to, so let’s call that an honorary tie.

#3.Neverending Story III

Yeah he started Sequel Month with the best, but so what? This was such a bad movie and the stuff in this review is gold. I love watching him react to what they did to the Rock Biter in this movie. Not to mention the other characters. The ending is also great as he just loses it and trashes the DVD. Fantastic review for an awful, awful movie!!


Want to watch a review which is literally non-stop laughs? Here is the review for you. This movie is so full of material, and Nostalgia Critic takes full advantage of it. I remember when this movie came out, it was supposed to be a big hit. This review is one of those where Nostalgia Critic almost doesn’t have to do anything. He could just let the movie play. But the jokes all work. True he is mostly reacting to the movie but it’s still funny as hell!

#1.Independence Day

Why is this #1? This was the first, or one of the first, real reviews I ever saw. And I laughed so hard! I loved this review, it was just brilliant. Boomer lives!!!!  The last time I saw the movie I started laughing thinking of this review. I loved everything about it. A strong, hilarious review which was my inauguration to the world of TGWTG. I love this site, and hope it continues for a very long time.

Man was this hard. For some reason the commercial episodes always get pushed off my list. Not sure how, I love those! There are so many great jokes in all four of those episodes! So let’s call it an honorary 13th slot I guess. Other mentions include Casper, Garbage Pail Kids, Thomas the Magic Railroad, Man of Steel, and Batman & Robin.

I am glad that the NC is going strong. His show has evolved but is still enjoyable and funny. 

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