I have been putting this off because others have done this and probably better than I. But I finally decided the time had come for me to talk about this, so here we go.The vehicle in a series can often be the most important part. The car or truck has to be sleek and memorable in a way that makes our heroes even cooler than they already are.

My favorite vehicles from 80’s TV and movies!

#6.A-Team Van (The A-Team)

Scooby-Doo can keep the Mystery Machine, this was the van I wanted when I was a kid! It was a 1983 GMC Vandura and just looked so cool! It also did more than transport the A-Team as it was used to store important equipment. It was just a cool looking van.

#5.Ecto 1 (Ghostbusters)

Yeah this at the top because, honestly, I never loved this car. Don’t get me wrong it’s cool. It’s cool as hell! But I never loved the way others did. Of course, if you remember my article on Ghostbusters this probably comes as no surprise. Still an awesome set of wheels which made the group recognizable anywhere in the city. You gotta love that! It is a 1959 Cadillac professional chassis totally restored and the roominess made it easier for the four to get where they need to go when chasing ghosts!

#4.General Lee (The Dukes of Hazard)

Sometimes you’re just the perfect age for something. I was when The Dukes Of Hazaed came along. And while not as good as Knight Rider (you know that’s coming) I still loved this car! It was a Dodge Charger painted orange and was just awesome!! Ok I guess when you really get down to it the car didn’t do much aside from some cool jumps and stunts. But as a kid, I didn’t care. I loved it!

#3.Batmobile (Batman)

While my heart will always be with the classic Batmobile from the old TV series, I have to admit it. The Batmobile in the 1990 movie KICKED ASS! The cool thing was how much work went into building this upon a Chevy Impala. The car had guns, protective armor, a special anchor which allowed it to make sharp turns at high speeds, and could drive itself! Not to mention the computer set up inside the car which Batman could use. And of course the jet turbine engine.

It was awesome, but to be honest my heart will always be with this:

#2.KITT (Knight Rider)

Yes I have talked about this before so I will keep it simple. I LOVED THIS CAR! What was no to like? K.I.T.T (Knight Industries Two Thousand) was the best thing ever!! This 1982 Pontiac Trans Am could do almost anything, except maybe fly. It talked, drove itself, and had all sorts of awesome sensors and weapons. It wasn’t just a cool car, but a real character on the show, In fact the friendship between KITT and Michael was one of the best things in that series.

#1.Delorean (Back to the Future)

OH HELL YES!!!! Is there anything I can say about this car that hasn’t been said? I wont go so far as to say it was a character on its own, it was more of a plot device, but who cares? It was freaking awesome!! Of course it was a Delorean retro fitted with a flux capacitor for time travel. It would later get a hover conversion and freaking fly!!! I loved this car, it was just perfect. I still get chills when I see that first scene when the car backs out of the truck, all sleek and cool. Or the scene where Doc flies up and nails Biff with the doors. Or that beautifully shot trip down the train tracks. But the third movie the car is a little beat up, but still rocks! I love this movie, I LOVE THIS CAR!!

Oh and if you’re wondering why I didn’t mention that train from the third movie, I have one word for you. PLEASE!

That’s it for no folks! If I missed some

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