Part one of my five part series talking about how awesome the captain’s of Star Trek are. Today we start with the main man himself!

Captain Kirk was known for being awesome! Well ok he was known for other things. Like being a horn dog. And the way he would lecture computers until they blew up. But today I want to talk something else awesome about him. One of his best character traits was the way he would outthink his way out of a situation. He never believed in a no win scenario, and it shows. Some of his bluff’s and con’s are just classic. Only James Kirk could pull these things off. Snatching victory away just when it appeared all was lost.

So today I am looking at my five favorite moments when Kirk tricked his way out of a hopeless situation by outthinking the villain.

#5.The Corbomite Manuever

The first and best Kirk bluff. This set a standard which defined his character. It was so clever it was even used again in “The Deadly Years”. The set up is pretty straight forward. The alien ship Fesarius is threatening to destroy the Enterprise in ten minutes. Kirk then messages the ship informing them that the Enterprise has a corbomite device installed. If Balok destroys them their ship will be cripples. It’s really a brilliant bluf. Then they wait what seemed like an eternity to see if Balok bought it……
Check it out HERE. This is a link to the whole episode just an fyi.

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