For some reason, DC Comics doesn’t have the luck that Marvel has had with their live action movies. While I likes Green Lantern, most did not. Sure the Dark Knight was great but The Dark Knight Returns was more lukewarm. And then there’s really crappy things like Jonah Hex

But somethings are more than just bad movies. They don’t even come close to honoring the original character. Why make an adaptation if you’re going to alienate the fans?  Here are five adaptations of DC comics characters that were so bad, that people are still talking about how bad they were.

These are from TV and movies, but only released productions. So no mention of that god awful Wonder Woman pilot from a few years back. Of course this is all opinion.

#5.Birds of Prey

This is a case of close, but no cigar. This TV series came along and was supposed to be based on the classic Gail Simone run on the comic of the same name. But they took to many liberties. Like what? Catwoman was killed by the Joker before the series began. Batman vanished and hasn’t been heard from. Huntress and Oracle are joined by a woman named Dinah who…is kind of boring. There was only one good episode which featured Black Canary and was pretty good. Sadly, that didn’t last and the series quietly went away.


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