In lines of work, all are mindless made to do one thing, and one thing only for the rest of one’s life time. But there are some who broke out of those ways, becoming anything or everything at once.

Or taking it one step at a time, until finding one’s true calling.

One goddess comes in mind. Who went through many changes, through happiness and sadness, little Hathor became everything no other Holy Being could ever intake what she could do.

Through many travels of her life, on heaven and earth, Hathor was evil. Short time of being Set’s lover. Bared none of his spawns. Becoming a saint and shared many lovers. Human and none. So many hands glided over that sunlit skin, locking eyes of blue gems of honey, quivering deeply in her body.

All gave her what she wanted, yet also so little. Only giving two full loyalty. Ra and Ptah. Of how for Ptah, she was someone else, in another skin and name, masking her real being. In bind not love. Nor spoke of it to others, for the sake of keeping hearts from bleeding.

Bleeding any hope of Set rising against them and rule with an iron fist.

But alas, even then can’t ever be at a risk. For that Hathor died in bitterness and ran with little she could. Wondering through new lands, being something anew in others eyes.

In Greek’s lands, she became Aphrodite. Short lived and moved on.

Onto where the Romans it was, becoming not only a goddess but land lost in space. Venus.

It was in time, where one of her new lives are rare. Who dare come close to what she did. In failure it was and little success.

Hathor left a path far to big for a simple mind to fill. For she, herself, was no mere simple mind. Despite what others chat about in the sky nor land.

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