She is lightly told by others, to seen as the soul of Isis. New life of children brought upon the world they no idea of what is ahead of them. A protector, only her father, Ra, wishes for her to only be.

The lower lands need her, to help stand tall and proud. As the upper lands go on, not knowing the large, thoughtless, and harsh motions made about the lands.

Egypt’s down falls came at times where Bastet had little choice in the matter. For that she was just a small kit, freshly enter to the world, knowing so little, but held so much power that even she, Bastet, couldn’t hold all at once.

Thus the rise became too much for Egypt as well. For that too much good can heavily be seen as bad for the world. Where now her partner held hand in hand with her, through all this.

Sekhmet, who became everything Bastet couldn’t be alone. A sister, a mother, an aunt, and a lioness. All those balance equaled out. But nor close it brought when Set came and broke that bond.

Higher Golden can’t die. But somehow Set found a way. Leaving Bastet alone. Crashing everything back in the ways of Set’s eyes of what he thought justified.

Little knowing of love and trust gave her, poor little Bastet when she thought no one would help her. Least be seen useless and running to Ra when thing got to harsh for her. But somehow, a god, a man of everything that was trust, justice, beauty, and the ever lasting of eternity within oneself. Ptah gave her that fullness she had been misty-eye looking for, after the lost of Sekhmet

Though their love was uncertain, as Ptah only had eyes for Sekhmet. In sadness of her death, locked away from everything. Unknowing that Bastet was the same. Thus their bond was gently made. For that they would be together, filling that hole in the heart that their friend and lover never left.

Set never stood a chance. But alas, that didn’t hold him down. For he knew, that bond would break.

As it was only for a being that was just add-on to the one of million of sand drops of Egypt. It wouldn’t last. Bastet will be alone and Set will claimed it as his. To as seeing of how Ra was at his weakness for his child. It would only mean that Bastet was an all-powerful weapon for him to use.

Weakness in one, but strength in another.

Bastet is Set’s iron grip on Ra, but also Set’s dying fate from Ra. Bastet is a light of silver that can’t held, but needs to forever be shown that she is vastly needed.

In the sand’s land, Bastet is everything and nothing. Bastet is the lone feline of love and war.

Forever, let Bastet be who she is and what she is not. As the Lords of Havens and Hell have yet to see, that she our limbo.

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