Sins. Dark sides of all people, be it they see it or not, but they are there. They come as small lies, thin as white sheets. Being a workaholic or lazy to stay away from those who mean nothing to them, for they are than block ways and taggers.

But the most hardest one that lives through the body. That has been there from the dawn of time. Deep under the grounds of the afterlife. When love slowly became a danger, that quickens the blood and shuts everything down. Lust becomes more than just a way to define the body.

Babi, a leader of man before they even became man. Where in the sands, nothing but the sins thrived at a dangerous rate. Where sins’ enemies were uncontrollably made. Babi didn’t kind to it. Full of rage filled him. All joys he’d knew were mindless toss aside for the sake of peace.

His echoes of laughter of how idiotic those reasons were. His fellow sinners agreed and of course snaked their ways through underworld on to the sands of the people. Showing the world can live in gray not black and white.

A mad monkey he is, a baboon really. First sign as man before they choose evolved leaving what they were to become something they were far ready down the paths of life. Babi knows it and uses it. For that of what he is, blinds him, intrigues him, and waters his mouth of how it can forever be his.

With the right power in an iron fist, it can all be real.

And it has. Seen as things never changed back then to how they are now.

Babi works alone for his plans and along with the devil himself. Set, the mastermind, will someday have all drown in sins people turn away. For it how it end for Egypt’s people, it will spread, like a sickness, having all choke on sins.

All thanks to an insane monkey, baboon, forming at the mouth with power he, himself, does not know what he has. Set does and will use it until nothing but darkness engulfs both worlds of man and afterlife.

It’s Just a matter of time. Time that seems to dwindle away as these words be read now and ever lock in the minds of the futures.

Are you ready?

Babi sure seems so.

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