Walking beast of the lands of the dead. Punishing souls who have sin from petty thefts to murder and rape. With fast of a lion to strike fast, shocking the prey into stillness, having the weak scent of fear to die and sadness that it wouldn’t be over as how those sharp claws and teeth sink deeply that was once seemed as pure skin.

A demon face of a reptile is thy face, long with pointed teeth to be seen. Able to make a mighty force to break the spirit body in half. Spilling the blood like a river from her mouth. Keeping in mind that the bitter iron will pass soon, until then, soaked her mouth and being, in sign that it was far from over.

If so the spirit, once pure skin, now tainted of its sin, ripped apart. Skin could be seen as fleshly ribbons spread about her underworld as confetti. New found color of a red, matching that of a fine gem. Organs of all, are to seem as thus the following words: mashed to be the kinship of paste. All left from the torture and to be used later on for Ammit has she saw fit; the eyes.

Where now her beast womb of a clear water animal, wide and brim full of pureness. She’ll swallow the blinded eyes of past fate, cleanse them, carry them until the next river of a new rising sun, would she let her child go, following willing and carefree, to the path that is unknown to them, but still see a new way of being something different from another life, that couldn’t be the being’s before, but that light looks to wonderful to see it as a dream.

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