A fan fiction poem to Derpy

Bubbles, bubbles.

Large and small.

Found everywhere!

In the sky; those clouds look funny that way.

In the bath; also, squeaky clean!

On the ground, in the air, on the tongue.

They don’t taste good but are pretty.

Finding them on my rump!

Mama said they mean what I am.

I don’t what she meant, but my friends sure know!

Pinkie says you can find them at parities.

You do!

Rainbowdash said once the skies can make bubble rain!

Well no, not really, she was being something is like a joke.

She made it rain though, Twilight Sparkle help!

With magic, that sometimes looks like bubbles.

Fluttershy told me once that bubbles can be good and bad.

I haven’t met a bad bubble yet, will it start a fight?

If it does, Applejack will send it away.

Bubbles, bubbles.

Bring joy and wonder just by being itself.

Maybe that’s what mama meant?

I sure hope so.

Bubbles, bubbles.


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