Too Many

Keep it short,

Keep it sweet.

Drag it on,

You lose your aim,

And become a puzzle no one wants to play.

White lies cover what is blank.

Truth is a punch every word said.

Too short,

The best there is?

Too long,

Be there a way around it?

Questionable every say there!

Too keen on falsehood and genuineness words.

Brought soon misunderstanding,

A likeness all can relate on.

And be shown with fear.

That is just how things are,

Sadly not true but fill with lies,

Where holes are tend to be found.

Too wrong to be right,

Too right to be wrong,

A cube of six colors,

Six sides,

And one path it will make.

If one wishes to do so,

Not for I,

Nor you if you think not or do,

Too many answers will lead,

For a one lone question there is.

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