Now and then, Dungeons and Dragons, is known in some form or another. Some role-play, the game board, the PC, and so on. But there is another, those who want to think outside the box. In this case, the written style can be done through in person or online chats. Grammar and spelling is fixed for it would be easy to read. As some parts where we were out of D-n-D style (Icon faces, pictures, side track talks of the real world, and so on) was edited out.


So with insightfulness, some internet pals came into and was full on withdrawing to show-off, in the best way of saying with them.

In the lineup by D-n-D player names:

Lilly-Ana Beech Slapper

Rickraff Cumsasser the Warrior


MuGin BAA Snick-a

Spell Bizarre Channel Priz (Me)


Okay with that out of way, let see what we come up with in today game, number 38!




Out; in the forbidden woods Use Xian, far the nearest town, yet near the closest bloodshed. As the sun started to rise in the in sky, with cooling air fading away, but still the campfire still stoke, for warmth for those who looked out. Small chatter came from two who did the last round of lookout, only waiting for others to rise and join them. Along, the short waiting for another to return back soon, to join the others in a lively chat to come!


Spell Bizarre Channel Priz: Okay guys, what’s today’s plan . . . and if it to look for slummers again, Rickraff, I will kill you with 23 XL free lass.


Looking; to the said person of that name, glaring as hell itself. But really, Rickraff just laugh off the look, brushing off the dust of earth from his rest, in the sake to save what was left of his awesome self.


Rickraff Cumsasser the Warrior: LOOK FAR. The King of Kill Joy!


Spell Bizarre Channel Priz took a ready step to beat the shit out of him.


Rickraff Cumsasser the Warrior did the same, reaching for his, 9 level swords, to go against that weak flimsy stick called a wand.


But before the two could even start anything. A new voice broke them apart. Glancing to say this petty battle could wait. Or never happen, for those two are the thickest head chumps there are.


LaRinGrosser42: Raise not of the tall tales, my friends, for soon in the mail box lax, mayor in what is signed.


The two before, stood down, with looks of wonder of what the letter from mayor could be. And would it be fun.


As; others hope for something along the lines of something else, as just hearing the news from a long night of rest, from the last “Great Battle” they did. Which, by the way, didn’t end well for, one, very small dwarf, who was still recovering!


MuGin BAA Snick-a: Is it too late to back out of this?


He turns to face Spell, patting his shoulder. With look of understanding, but the feeling died quickly.


Spell Bizarre Channel Priz: You made the pack! You can’t back out.


Rickraff Cumsasser the Warrior: Nor get laid with Captain anti-fun-bag lazy eyeing you.


Spell Bizarre Channel Priz: I would like one day with you, that doesn’t start, mid, or end at a brothel. Just one day!


Poor MuGin BAA Snick-a, stuck between the two. Knowing, if moving could end badly, for that BAA stayed in place, for the sake of others . . . really . . .


Without the others knowing, Jasun grabbed the letter from LaRinGrosser42 and gave it a quick read. Jumping for joy! This was something he was born for, it couldn’t have come sooner!


Jasun: Sweet. Gold egg time!


LaRinGrosser42: Damn it! That’s not what it said!


The tones of whininess went unheard to Jasun’s ears.


Jasun: You were slow on reply, it was fair game, and if you say otherwise it is a level 12 go against level 6. Bring it!


The other, semi-power LaRinGrosser42 smirked at the poor, low brain lad. Taking; a daring step his way him, the smirk never falling, from place, of her lovely brown skin . . .


Jasun took heed that for moment, LaRin was fawning over herself. In ends, rolled his eyes of how true that fact was with that woman.


LaRinGrosser42: You’ll never win against me. Not today anyway.


Jasun: Memories is all they are, walling doll. I see more of this day in my favor!


LaRinGrosser42: From what I recall, I still whip you and was to become my slave for the coming days of play. So go ahead. I dare you!


Jasun: You said the last battle, and the one before it, so you know what! Grabbed your weapons! You are on!


MuGin just face palm of the childlessness of the two, it was fair play to of how the four people who were the biggest pains here.


After Rickraff used his magical mind powers, he spoke.


Rickraff Cumsasser the Warrior: Spell, duh, you don’t need to be a smart scroll reader to know that!


Spell Bizarre Channel Priz: Oh, you bastard!


In the signs of these, there is needed for a strong leader. To keep them in line, reminding them who they are. And; what they for their people of the woods, in suddenness of the deepest reaches of a fight between friends, not foes!




MuGin BAA Snick-a: Jasun, your girlfriend is here.


Jasun: Hi honey, where were you?


She notice of how nerve her love was when seeing on her last hutch. Jasun did what he could to play nice, wanting nothing more than his love to be happy. Without; much thought, got to his knees to kiss her lovely feet.


Who, in return, just pushed him away from her feet, not taking note of his devotedness? Indeed she did.


He knew he was in trouble, but hopefully he wasn’t going to take the pain alone.


Lilly-Ana Beech Slapper: Where was I? Away somewhere, of where whispers to take me away. Only briefly and thankfully ended in time to see brotherhood was coming to end between you. What is today’s goal?


Rickraff Cumsasser the Warrior: That sexy, would be gold egg time? Jasun, what the hell is that?


Jasun: It sounded better in my head. But it would be great. Going up the far high mountains, which scratch the sky with their roughness, having the tears of rain fall down as if it was blood. Traveling to the endless bays of sand, trolls sucking to us bags of bones, and vixens! Rick, you love vixens!


In time while Jasun spoke of this fine adventure, he conjure the spell of the smoke images to Rickraff to know what he was talking about. Knowing it was only a matter of time.


MuGin BAA Snick-a: Careful what you say, Jasun, you don’t know . . .


Rickraff Cumsasser the Warrior: Holy Red Sweet-Ass Fish Angles! I just got the smoke images from you, Jasun, I am in! Bring on the vixens!


LaRinGrosser42: You would what be called the bad side of what it like being a man. Knock it off! Though, some lustily vixens who love sweet gals, in meaning me . . . I am in!


Lilly-Ana Beech Slapper: Dear, I hope you know what you are up to?


Jasun just smirk of what could be seen to others from the devil, himself, to Lilly-Ana, snaking an arm around her, pulling her close to him. Gently placing a kiss on her cheek, knowing it was the little things they shared made moments worth it.


Jasun: Have faith in me, my little dove.


Looking to others, meeting eyes with each of them, having a friendly smile to them, in means of kindness to them . . . puppy eyes always came later if they didn’t go along. Luckily none of them, made a bother to speak.


Jasun: Eastward my commands! Off to find in search of this gold egg fine! Make haste!


As the group gather their things, packing away from their hide away in the camp in the deep woods. Using the sun as the compass to lead them to where they set off to. Once reaching the boarders of where a town called. . .


Zimmerton . . .


. . . Where a town called Zimmerton . . . a town that was slowly falling apart from it riddling crimes, poverty, the painful falling of a declining town. Pongs of deficient, retch, plasma, rot filled the air. Lifeless bodies found within the open spaces of building laid lifeless to those who dared notice.


Rickraff Cumsasser the Warrior: Could it get anymore sadder?


LaRinGrosser42: None sign of lacking larks from me, Rick, you sure about this . . . Jasun?


Jasun had a face of uncertainness, but said nothing, kept walking through the town. In; hopes to fine an open market.


MuGin BAA Snick-a: That’s a no.


Jasun: Come friends, this way . . . it will be quicker.


Rickraff Cumsasser the Warrior: Stay in front of me Spelly?


Spell Bizarre Channel Priz: I am going to say no, for last I did, a half-breed Liban nun tried to eat me. Be my guest and go ahead.


Spell made no move, holding out a hand in a gesture to be ahead of Spell. Not wanting to hear another word from the other, who in time moved ahead of Spell, glaring as doing so?


Not liking it one bit, but did so anyway.


With soon the group took the spoke path of Jasun choice, coming to see a weapon’s shop. Jasun gleefully rushed over to it, calling to others to catch up. When all neared closed enough, Jasun open the door . . .


Only to have a Wizard’s mirror turret for them to fall through, sending them but one to wherever it was predicted case for. Spell could watch in horror as the team felled through.


Spell Bizarre Channel Priz: Guys!


Spell made a try to touch the glass, hoping for a response from the glass. But the moment, the lone hand touch the mirror, it was hard and cold, pressing flatty against it.


Spell Bizarre Channel Priz: Damn, hang on, I’ll see what I can do with a . . .



. . . ~Lost Signal~ . . .

No joke, the game was going good, but then I was cut off. I did inform the others of this, and we plan to meet again to finish it, but yeah. It so suck so badly. Thanks for sticking around for this, even if it felt it was going flat a few times, but that’s just how it is with these guys. Though to be fair . . . I am no better!

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