Hello Manic Expression, thought I once again try and take a step out of my comfort zone (really, it’s weird), and dive into my inner fan girl, to speak about how the motions went coming to knowing the boys in green in my short life, excuse for any rambles here or there.





The love of the turtles started out young, about maybe around the age four at most. During the time of when family time was little to nothing, babysitters and such else. So there were a few times in life, when someone, and that could anyone is alone, and need something to lack onto.


When looking for movie to watch, out of boredom and painted all of grandfather’s nails of his fingers and toes, with no sports to bother him no more, the chance to watch something was an open gamble. Soon having him pulls out a box of tapes from a high shelf . . .


Yes, tapes? Anyone remember those? Black rectangles that held film within, that would roll pictures in it? Okay those who know good, just trying to reach those who don’t.


When looking through the tapes. The basics were there; Disney, good old eighty classics (Robocop, Hobbit (animated movie), Who Framed Roger Rabbit? I found with an odd title and was way out of season for it.


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: A Radical Easter. (It wasn’t the real title, but the reason for is another story for another time)


Pop that sucker in and a turtle fan I came to be. Overtime, I would say it was the family element of it that drew me to the turtles, four brothers defending the world, one clan of Foot Ninja and slice of pizza at a time. It was over the time, as when my family was getting back to what it was before I could remember, the turtles veiled the lost until then with the family troubles, school troubles, life as it is, I went through, until finally things done and over with, well close as they’ll ever be. But, the crash course of the years of the turtles (Hopefully not ending up as a walking wiki page at least), pointed it out well enough.


Through the ups and downs, what was good and what was a miss chance to be something. It was a superlative world to look through from the characters, plots, lessons, the different designs and changes the turtles went through. I took it for what it was, good and bad. Even having the time to rate it.


The mini “movie” from the 80’s is first, for easy to understand reasons. (4 years old)


The comics came later. (5 midway 6 years old. Nightmare fuel: but worth it!)


The 90’s movies (6 midway to 7 years old, first two were the best, and third? Wait was there a third?)


The 80’s show (Through the rest of the 7th year, enjoying it to the 80’s cheese that has been marked in my bloodstream for life)


Next Mutation (first few months of through the 8th year, wasn’t the best and they could have done better)


Few of the Japanese Culture intakes of them (Start of the spring of the 9th year, nearing the summer of same year, it was weird, I’ll will at least say that much)


2003 turtles (10-17/18 years, in my top 3 TMNT overall, but sadly they weren’t the fondest years of life, but for what is rightfully to remember will always be cared for tenderly, and welcome.)


2007 movie (When hearing about it, I was on a five year wait for it, and the results for it, were what I wanted it to be, getting a 7/10 stars from me. 14 years old at the time.)


Turtles Forever (18 years old, last thing of happiness that was keeping grounded and helping through the final years of schooling.)


Then there was that break, taking on things of real life with lack of an anchor, but the bonds I made through the years, from trusting friends, a family bond I didn’t think that would ever happen, risking taking on chances weren’t that scary anymore.


But those moments in time, came slowly back in 2012 with a new look of TMNT, and for what the show is. Is great, it may not be for every one of the turtle fan base, it’s at least shows that the turtles are hanging in. And with the new movie coming just months away of this year, it’s a bitter taste to say in kind words. If now, I will be okay if the turtles have a final resting place after this, I still have the memoires of them, and that’s all that is needed. Growing up is hard, but so was childhood when coming down to it. Making mistakes and learning is just how things are.


Knowing something like this, might not give the full fill of how things went, but at least give the impact on what the turtles did for me. They kept me going, wanting some of that same family feel, and in time I did. I know that others reasons for liking or disliking vary, I don’t mind, believe the understanding of what it is to like something and be bashed one way or another, but through it all, if this item holds something dear to you, you hold onto it. No matter what others might say or do. It defines you and thus makes you far from what they are.


You’ll could come to understanding when that tender feeling comes back, as to why you love it, be it Turtles, Ponies, Disney, Music Categories, Bots, Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Dick Figures, South Park, Critic Reviewers, Twilight, Adventure Time, and anything else, it’s your happy place, no one can take it away. For it’s your life of defiance, let others nah-say if they wished to, because guess what? We are all a fan of whatever gender of something and will defend it, as it was and still is family (And in family, we also have our disagreements, but isn’t that what’s worth for?).


Thanks for reading, see you all next time!

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