Hello Manic Expression, and welcome to another out of the norm blog. This time, on Frozen, a very well talked film through the short it has been out, and on the few topics I haven’t seen about it, is a subject matter, that I must be on drugs or something to have noticed it and thought about writing it.


And that is, how Anna and Elsa are the forms of adulthood and childhood. I’ll do my best in telling what brought this up.









With that said, let’s get the simple thing out the way. Elsa is the older sister and Anna is the youngest. As both; see the world is different matters, handle the matters different, and change the matters in their own way.








Starting with Anna, the sign of childhood, as she shows how simple things should be. Such as family should always be near and not pushing each other away, only for that, they know little of the reason or careless of what the reason is. Their family and need to be near each other, simple as two plus two equals four, even at such a young age as six, she knew she needed to be by her sister, not being shut out.


Going by any means of how to get her sister come back be who she used to be. Now fast forwarding ten years later, and being contact with fewer people than what the manner a person is used to, she still have this strong believing fully on that life is like a fairy tale story.


Which leads to the sad part of childhood, when young, no one takes the youth style in a respectable matter, thus having the lack of knowing how adulthood works. Through many parts of the movie, it shows how she holds onto that childhood of easiness and fairy tale ways. For that’s all she knows, but means in no way a bad thing, it just makes other things a little harder to swallow to what Elsa has gone through.




Mindset of Anna’s Childhood world:


Love’s first kiss will break the spell.






You can marry someone you just met.


File:Hans meeting anna.jpg



Family doesn’t shut each other out, they play and laugh; danger isn’t real.




Only bad people get the short end of the stick, even those who act well for bad deeds.


hans jail


There is no need to speak of anything but the truth, and with luck, things will get better, there is no need for doubt.



Moving onto the adulthood, where realty is nothing but pain, but you have to face. Head on if needed.






Elsa is the sign of adulthood for certain reasons, just as Anna is that of childhood. Elsa had to grow up pretty fast, when tragedy happens, going through the emotions that an eight year old had to harshly to take, that was Elsa, knowing the hardship that everything that was childhood was gone, the moment how a simple gift can turn bad, and quickly.


Where she had to do whatever it took to protect what she cared about, whiling bearing that of what her parents had to do, doing her best to keep Anna as the same she was, as that day Elsa powers acted out, never happen. Knowing fully, it would hurt the other, but it was best.


Her first none child reasonably matters of life was that she had a power, a power of weather to control, any matters of play had to be push aside for the sake to keep it from damaging any more than it already had. Her fairy tale world crash when seeing that good people do get hurt, even those close, when her own power was what could have ended her sister’s life, the fairy tale world was gone. With her childhood bitter in some ways to her, means no, she can’t still remember the good times, they just don’t come as easy as they do for Anna.



Mindset of Elsa’s Adulthood world:




Keeping people safe, leaves that it’s best keep them away from the danger, even if the danger is yourself.






Good people die just as quickly as those who are bad, in one case; parents dying.



Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 10.59.39 PM



Simple things don’t change bigger damage, ignoring and not doing anything is one thing.







What is a gift can also go against you.







Fixing the problem takes a lot more effort than just some pretty words, small action never hurt; let’s say a simple hug of love of family is better than any other love there is.



Frozen Elsa And Anna Hug Rirhbza






Through the whole movie, it does a very a good job to balance it. A movie that is well earned the title of a family film. With; showing the matters of childhood fairy tale likeness and that of the ways of how adulthood can change one person. Elsa and Anna play good role models, going for nearing the end of the movie, that there is a fine line where you can hold onto your childhood, and still take the hardships of adulthood. Though, just saying it might be easy, doing is hard, but that’s where the balances play. And fun of the challenge to make it happen, to becoming a fine adult while having clever ways of being an inner child.







Add in anything on this if you wish, facts vary on such things; it just relies on the viewer. These were just the few things I saw in the movie.

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