So many emotions swam through the boy. In short matters that one path could lead to the world that felt as a dream, but it is all that he knew. Or in another path that led to a world that would feel as a dream but where he was meant to be, even if he knew nothing of it. He had to choose, quickly for that the wall that was closing in. Within a second he closed his eyes and dashed forward.



He did not care of where is feet took him. The boy’s eyes stayed closed arms extended to push any obstacles out of his way. Even when the striking fell of the elastic gel bounces him away from where he ran. Seeing he must have ran on for miles on in this place. A place that was just a blank desert with a tall wall of blurry glass.



Once more, the boy seemed to be at yet another crossroad. As he looked into the glass of gel, he stared at his own blurry image but this time fed up after all that has happened took a calming breath raised his hand and furiously pushed through the gel enough to break through and not a second longer. Jumped.



The feeling that came from jumping in the gel felt as cold as heaven but just as unwelcoming as hell. If the boy were to scream nothing came out but silence. Blinded by a light that felt farther but so close. The ground was all the more welcoming.



The aftermath of falling forever finally stopped ending harshly but blissfully. But the feel of fiction and non differ for that the boy was very much in the same place, and had a long way to go.



With his held up high he kept going. feet treading that unbeaten path that sliced and probed his feet bloody as he kept going. The boy noticed how the days were hot and short and the night were long and cold. Battering his body as he kept going in the most inhumane battle he had ever felt. If his body was weak he showed no signs, until he just laid down in exhaustion.



As his body lay lifeless, having the sun burn his skin slicking it with sweat draining any life that he had left. But what the sun couldn’t touch was his mind. As it still wandered as to what that path had for him. If not for the whispering sounds of the unknown around him letting fear strike in him with enough adrenaline to run.



Hours just ticked away as he kept moving with sounds surrounding him of nothing but his breathing distant grows surround him, the mild winds of the whirling sand and the small movements beneath his feet. All he could do at that moment was mumble hastily of words of when this was going to end, and with the perils of this path apparent this was not going to end soon.



It would seem, that fear was all he had this moment. The blazing days and freezing nights, soon started to blend. His mind fried from all the treading he had done, in this short moment. Hours it was. But it felt close to years. And to that, a final thought he had, he fell forward of out of pure weakness. With a lone tear that he had given up and let his body rest.



In the mist of his fogy mind, letting all before his travels, a small friction awoken him. A jab to the shoulder, in no doubt to awaken from his sleep. At first did nothing, hoping this motion of bitterness would go away. But that was not the case, as the jabs grew harder into harsher kicks. He made a move to it stop, it was to act out on the other who dared to bothered him. Only for the other to easily miss the attack.



The boy more intone to what was going on. Noticed a girl before him, smiling happily but eerily before him. Giving a small wave to him. The boy surprise to see another person, close to his age as well, had to ask who she was. Only for a moment did a frown grace her face, before again back to that odd smile. Before she opened her mouth in showing that her tongue was cut out and reaching for a necklace within her tattered blouse, with a symbol that was match as to why she was who she was. And before the boy could run, she grabbed him by the arm, leading somewhere that was far into the land of sand, and away from the rocky path he was to take.



With many matters to get away from the girl and back to what the was to do. Did everything in his power to do so. He tug his arm hard to break away from her, but it did little. Pleads were made, but fell to a deaf ear. Out of anger, he had one last choice, and he used it. With one deep breath, reached back his free arm far away, before landing a good hit to the girl’s skull. What he didn’t think would happen, was her head to roll away, but at least he was free. In shock but free.



The boy slowly moved away from the girl’s body. But stopped when the land started to shake, a dark force blasted out of that tiny body, darkening the skies, blocking all that of light there was, only for eyes to form, brighter than the sun looking down at the boy, when soon a chestier grin at the boy. In response, the boy ran, not once looking back and trying not show emotions when a deep, bellowing, demonic laughter that echoed through the land. It left the aftershock of shattering the ground, breaking it, falling into unknown abyss like jigsaw puzzle pieces.



A wrong move was made on the boy, as a piece of the land broke before him, feet away from the path that remain untouched. In a last second choice, made a jump for it, barely making it, but made it all the same. Rushing back into pace as did he before. Letting his mind race with unsaid prays to make it. With that demon not far behind, the laughers never dying, by his sight did, leaving him in darkness that wasn’t that of sleeping nor awareness. And his cries filled the dark world before silence followed, along with the laughter.



The boy filled the darkness with cries. In a way of saying he failed. Left alone in the dark to deal with it, leaving no one but himself to handle this epidemic. Little knowing, that soon, with a final cry, his chest rose no longer in the dark, and soft chuckles of the demon came soon after.



With a strike of lighting, loud and powerful, it bullied the beast away. Frightening the boy back to life. To his feet he did, facing the beast. Scared but not backing down. Shouting with shakes but strongly, that the boy was done with this world. Wanting to leave it, go back to somewhere unknown, but it was his world. If the beast dared say other, another strike of lighting came, daring to deny the rights that all must have in a time like this. In the mix of the two, the boy was caught in the cross fire of it, with a spark of lighting and fog of the beast, collide into the boy, swallowing him. Sending him somewhere he hope, that wasn’t there anymore.



The boy, lost in the limbo. Thin clouds rounded around him, like a blanket, that wasn’t safe nor unworthily for him to bear on his wounded flesh from the travels he did. With doors place before him. Three with all the same letters engrave, colored different to represent a different world, a world for him to live. All he had to do, was to open one of them. But which one to open that would lead to his world of desire.



As with roads he did before. He closed his eyes. Spin around until he felt ready to stop, and as before, dashed forward. Grabbing for a knob to turn and creak it open.



When the hinges stopped with the noise of opening, is when he open his eyes, noticing all the time he was there, never came with, as he looked different, but he welcomed it, and looked around to see what was there for him. Welcomed to a world of tall buildings, fast cars, people of numbers of he had never seen before, until now. Careful with steps on getting down on a near street. He looked around the city. A voice called for him out of the blue. Turning to face two adults he hadn’t seen the attack of dreams that felt ages ago. And ran to them, welcoming them, as they did back. Wondering where he had ran off too, even he wasn’t sure. When they held out their hands to him, he took them, with glee and going home. His real home.



Of the matters of fiction and non, relies on the beholder, on what they should do. Live forever in a fantasy not of their own, or back to world that is forming ways of readying them for the future of realism. The boy learned his ways, but knowing fully of the line that bears the two realms apart, relies on him, to keep it as that. Or there is the fear of repeating everything. And losing all the worth that was earned in harden years. maybe he’ll know, when he finally opens his eyes, as he has yet to do.



The End.

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