When coming to knowing someone,

It’s best to do in small doses . . .

A MODERATELY intake of someone,

Before knowing who’s your buddy or opponent,

In a case like this,

Screw the rules!


It’s not wrong to be ANNOYED by people,

Grinding at moments,

But hey,

We’re human,

Nothing wrong with it,


Makes this man all the more of an individual to others,

In a landslide matter,

He’s best at what he does,

Laughing at problems coming his way,

Drinking along with misery because he don’t give a flying fuck,

At what the world does!


He might CANADIAN,

But it’s no excuse to what he is,

As he just plans to sabotage everything,

Because he can,

For nothing is easy to get or earn,

It’s a battle and he’s the referee of life,

And will continuing doing so,

Well . . .

I hope so anyway,

A little wakeup call never hurt anyone,


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