They call it romantic to the ears.

A pleasant way to express oneself, when speaking is hard to do, I don’t see it.

Never had, never will!

Nor understand of how it has been known as classic statement of life.

That’s a joke!

A horror joke, which makes one or maybe all fall into this plot of it, that again it’s wonderful speech of life!

I will never fall for it.

Learn its steps never to be.

If I want express myself,

I’ll use words, from my lips; compose of full lines and paragraphs, for I am not lazy!

If I someone who is lovely, I’ll say it, not waste words on nonsense to explain why, is a pathetic way.

When or where it’s brought up, I’ll walk from it, for it’s a style of life . . . no one needs.

I may come across of despising it.

But really, it’s a fear of it, like a hex is being cast through it.

Not for these ears!

Nor will hands do it or eyes read it.

For it’s a poison!

A vice enchantment of words to spell bind people, I know it is.

Be as me and fear it, before it grips hold of you in its short-live composing form.


Fear of Poetry

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