Everyone wants to become something,

Be it for livelihood,

For fun,

Or to just say they did it.

In this case,

Someone comes to mind,

That what they want to become,

Is because of passion . . .


It’s for the livelihood,

The fun,

And just to say one did it,

But not this person,

They want to develop into this,

Because they love it!

They love it so much,

Their name has what they want to befall.

That name is,


Now in question,

What part of this person’s name is his passion?


A straightforward fact,

By far from his work I have seen,

It’s in him,

He can do it,

No sheer of a doubt.

A wild actor he is,

For there is challenges,

This man sees and takes them on.


In only a few things I have seem do something,

And he’s got it.

What more to say,


Good luck when you walk on that red carpet,

For that’s a well earned reward.

Just don’t forget us!

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