As I said before,

She’s a pixie,

Jumpy and likeable!

In some ways,

There is some comparing that we are alike,

But take different routes in what we love,

When it might be the same thing . . .

Another pair of eyes,

Really she is,

In seeing the confessions,

Unlock able and time warping plots,

That is fiction made by fans.

Stating now,

She has more guts than anyone else,

Able to post what she feels like,

Little care of what’s to come,

To what I see at least,

That is.

Her defenses might come up,

But only for that she’s ready to give,

The hidden answers to what other may not understand,

In fan fiction,

Pop culture books,

Television of the now!

Agree with her or not,

She’s a firecracker ready to burst,

As jashykins,

With a lowercase j,

I might as well add,

Is a passionate person . . .

Just as the rest of us.

And even though this might come off,

Well thought through,

She at least needs to know,

She is just as great as the next blogger,

Whether she believe it or not!

Here it is to you jashykins,

From one fan to another,

You’re just all around awesome,

I hope you know that.

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