Ever feel for a drink,

A nice cold one,

But you never know if that drink is going to . . .

Make or break your night?

And the result is the need for a painkiller,

To heal up that mistake of a drink,

And have something better.

There is one review aim for just that,

To kill the pain and give reward . . .

Ironic his would be Painkiller,

Poetic justice that’s what it is.

His work relies more than just sight in other cases,

But taste,


And most of all . . .


That kick knows if that beer is made for buds of the mouth,

Out of all,

His has been through the most,

Having tasted and savor the best,

And gag and dump the worst.

A witty man only looking for the perfect drink,

It’s a mission for him,

Even so,

Have even lackeys to taste the even worsted kinds,

Don’t pity them,

Encourage them to finding that one drink.

As they find those snifters as their liquid gold,

Fountain a Youth if you ask a fan or two,

The question of the nonsense love nip . . .

You may call this out of heartening to drink,

Not true,

It’s always an option to drink or not,

Just be smart about it.

Drink for the enjoyment of it,

The flavors rolling around,

Different styles,

In reasonable intake,

For that intake should be taken in well matter.

Drink smart,

Drink carefully,

Drink to enjoy not despair,

And listen to Painkiller,

He’ll make drinking all the wiser.

Even to others it might not come off as it,

I see it that way,

Raise a glass for him,

He making drinking history,

One bottle at a time!

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