Issue 3.1

Wandering blindly she did, using the smooth wallpaper walls to guide her through the house, coming to the kitchen finally. Gliding with care, with her fingers in search, with nothing but the darkness around, for the handles of draws, choosing not to be brash, blinded with hast in finding the knife box in a rush; nor wanting to lose a finger. Luckily missing it, and finding the spare chargers and a flashlight.


Giving a quick shake for that it wasn’t empty, with a faint rattle like a snake, turn it on. Parkland finally having some kind of light to see, though the creepy shadows that came when having just one light, was something anyone would love not to deal with.


But she shook it off, aiming the light on her path for the stairs. Quietly calling for the boys that she was coming, and hopefully they stayed where they were.


When having nothing of any reply back, besides a crash of a lamp or a desk as an answer, Parkland quick step herself up the stairs, not noticing the loud creaks that came from the stairs has she headed upward.


Zoning the light here and there, with the patters of rain, gusts of winds, and the creaks of the wooden floor was her only noise within the household. Seeing the bony, finger-like branches of the trees clattering with the windows, a quick lightning strike consumed the area in superb light.


Or the small screams from a nearing room, as Park reached closer to it. Not thinking for a moment, open it, shining the light in, calling for the boys.


The only response back from an army of pillows; varies of toys; and a shoe.


“You’ll never take us alive, Man in Red!” A voice shouted right when the shoe was casted way at the door, missing much, and soaring over the person at the door.


“I doubt the Man in Red is the least of your worries.” Park grumbled when having the flashlight aimed where the voice came from, seeing Alan using his bed as a fort, who gave a sheepish smile back and a wave of surrender, as was soon to see that Zam was nowhere in sight. Which Park quickly asked Alan if Zam was under the bed with him?


Alan pointed to the closet, which where Park rushed to. Upon; finding Zam, curled up with his knees up to his face, protecting him, arms wrapped around to hold his legs close, with his body shaking when another strike of lightening came.


“Zam . . .”


Park was cut when another strike came, but it was enough to tell Zam his sister was there for him, as he quickly latches onto her, almost knocking her down, but she was able to keep standing. Using her free hand to calm him, usher Alan over to them, telling him to hold Zam’s hand, as she hold his, as they left the room, going back down stairs.


Stopping when the strikes came, less of a chance of falling for whenever Zam froze from the sound. Finally making down stairs, back to the living room, placing both boys on the couch, grabbing the throw blanket that rested on the back of the couch onto them, sparing a moment that she would be back in moment, not giving neither of one them to whine about it, as she left the room.


Nearing the opening way to the hall, glancing back to the boys, shining more on Alan, who somewhat looked her way, wrapping an arm around Zam, who was still shaking.


“Watch him, Alan; I’m going to get some candles, okay?”


“Don’t take too long.” Alan called back; his tighten when Zam gave another whine from the loud electric hiss outside in the punitive gale.


“I’ll try not to.”


To Be Continued . . . ?

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