The ice is a domain,

Not all understand,

Nor comprehend of the sheer acts on the hoarfrost.

Too many learn of the dances played.

But the battles are something to listen to.

For there is history in both,

But there is only the one,

That catches the eyes of one man.

The man behind the mask!

An inner battle maker of the commotion,

That combat plays above the ice.

Be fool not,

For he has seen as all the tricks,

And will act on them,

In matters of teaching others,

Who share the compassion he does.

For its science to this man who wears a mask,

The glides to the center,

Defenders block and serve,

The wings high above to eye all of foul imperfection play,

As the protector of the net does whatever it takes for the other team . . .

From winning!


It’s a battle of science to him,

And with this alert information of this history,

It’s best not to miss it.

The man behind the mask,

Tries and does it awesomely well,

Take notice,

And watch out for flying pucks.

He looks like a man who doesn’t care,

For the penalties,

Nor run from a fight,

When it’s on his domain of ice,

It’s something is his.

Respect the ice,

The History,

And the man who brought it to be.

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