In the skies of the most clearest and modest nights of space. Where bountiful stars gather to meet a wonderful fate.

A fate that feels only as a child’s tale to tell, but even in the fables by the elders, they too do the same.

Granting a wish, to a most simplest way to say. But alas, as some stars would giggle happily to ever-so be known as a wish come true is not something that happens to all the little flickers.

In a case to one star, a northern lights, fell victim to an wish filled with a void of darkness that matched close to her home, the weaving belt of family and friends watched from a distance as that cursed song ranged through her ears.

Heaving her body, to where she was not able to stay in her home anymore. As she was not alone in the matters, as may before, during, and future wishes to come.

The poor stars falling through the open, cold, and unwelcoming of space. Showing many planets of their fading lights, their vales of aftershock horrors forever in the dark lake of cosmos.

To say a child were skipping a stone, leaving swells of where it was last seen, flitting taps of a softer echo of a lone star screams, within finally the skips stops, as does the star’s screams. Leaving behind the blinding shines of mourning stars to any of their last.

Tearfully, the lifespan of a star is never long nor short, for it’s the weight of the wish. An wish can be a strong and weighs nothing.

Yet, some wishes never seem that eager to grant, for the voice to speak, weighs more than on the greediness for it happens quickly, then let time do the work.

It’s hurts to see falling stars showering the night, but the pain only grows when a young star, barely able to age in grace, crashes from the skies all for that greed is what the voices reek as liquor, drowning the little star.

When so small wish-makers, have those dreams gently leave one lips in smooth wonders or a little piece of one’s heart will fall into a endless mourn just as the stars before, during, and the futures to come, for it something that has yet to find a final goodbye.

Falling Star by Witold Pruskowski

Made in the year; 1884

Location when painted; in a small village outside of Kraków, Poland


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