In the lights, fly.

Go far than ever before.

Show the world what you can do.

If have fear…

Means only you ready yo face it.

Think only of the inner prize of what is waiting for you.

Go, go, go!


Be the little bird and flap your wings.

Leave the nest as some would say.

Go and show the world.

There is more out there than what left here.

Just fly.

Look up to that open sky.

Notice the wideness of it.

How it looks like something is needed.

Something new for other eyes to see it.

Just fly.

Go, go, go!

Just fly.

You have it in you.

A fear that is also you being brave.


What more do you need to know, you can do this.

My words would mean little.

But your own words may give that…

That extra push that is needed.


And fly!

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