Last night was one of the best,
With the sky clear,
No lights around to sidetrack that of natural light.

That light of the moon and stars.

From the distance they were from our planet,
Scattered every where,
An action that would remind one,
Of when a small child,
Spilled a bottle of glitter.

Messy in one eyes.
Wonder in another’s.

With the slight chill,
running smooth skin with bumps,
reminds that this isn’t a dream.

Laying out on a blanket,
resting on winding-rough ground,
One hand used as a pillow,
The other maps out the stars.

Stars found in books of history’s well-known names,
Stars found in the mind of a child’s imagination,
Stars found in map charts of known and hidden planets to come,
Stars . . .

That old rhyme is wrong,
They don’t twinkle,
Nor shine in words of profoundness,
Nor glint as the basic metals,
Nor blind the eyes of thought for future comings.

They are stars,
Simple yes,
But beautiful all the same.

Living in the vast space of the deepest black there is,
All to glow down,
All to others to do is to look up.

Knowing little if others agree or not,
Is another tale to say,
But it rises the question,
Do they understand if they have done or do the same?

Woods or city,
The sky is the same,
Just one needs to look up,
And let the mind go.

Those words that the sky is the limit,
They do not kid,
Even more so,
When the night sky comes around.

Oh the blue skies are nice,
Maybe the some clouds for depth,
And a bright sun to light the world.
But what is that affect when the night sky comes?

Both times of day are wonderful in their own way,
Even the time when the world meets in the middle,
Where the colors mix,
Forming a new type of rainbow,
That you have to chase to look for,
Or focus what colors there are.

Once more,
Look up for the next night,
Where it’s clear with a moon,
Half a moon,
Sliver moon,
Or no moon,
And look up.

What does that night do,
When just letting go,
Enjoying the night outside,
With nothing else but a blanket,
A good place to rest,
An open mind to wander,
And child-like eyes to catch whatever stars,
Are out that night.

Simple again to do,
Once all before is done,
Just look up.

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