What is the right choices to do something; of one’s own free will, and live in peace.
Could it be done, with no worries of the dangers; when the dangers are you?
Or would it be just a simple mind play; warping one to be something of fear, and the fear is you.
Could it happen, at a snap of a finger; and everything is gone.

If it happens, one could say it does; with no worries.
But the worries happen, quickly as change; change is fear.
A fear that is welcome; just as needs and wants, and be done as do’s and don’ts.

There are the moments of the ones who lack of this, willingly; and that of the dumb.
Those who lack, fear change for another reason; a reason some care little of.

But care is needed, fear is a pal; change is a start of something good to come.

Could it happen; if anything at all; or live forever in the past?
When its the future all want, need of peace; never forgetting what change could do.

Am I the only who thinks this, alone; and knowing how it end with more power of whole?

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