We seem to have always fallen into this,
One way or another,
It happens.

If some wish to calls us that,
Are label in life.

Label as what depends on you,
And the giver,
Be for you.

Label is very stretch for something as person is,
Do what others wouldn’t do?
Be something that wasn’t normal is other eyes.

In this day and age,
Where the matters of changing have happen differ,
How so?

Ask those of the following:

Weirdo . . .
Nerd . . .
Prep . . .
Jock Head . . .
Freak . . .
Nobody . . .
Goth . . .
Fatty . . .
Toothpick . . .
Know-it-all . . .
Troll . . .
Gay . . .
Sinner . . .
Baby Killer . . .

Many more fall under that,
Some even in a langue we might not speak,
Nor care to understand,
For it’s not a problem,
And need no reason to make ours.

Labels may come in a racial term,
Base alone on what your skin may be,
It leads to no one is safe to picked,
No matter if others say,
That you have nothing to fear,
You’re nothing like them.

I hate to say it,
Is calmest fashion?
But you’re sadly . . .


You can do whatever you can,
To somehow change that label you were grace with,
But will always follow you.

Be slim or pig out if wish to,
Be smart or dumb,
Be good at something or nothing at all,
Be the one to where one color or all of the fucking rainbow,
Be the one to love something that is as you or not at all.

Labels are labels,
They are here to comb out the herds,
Of who is ever seen as weak and strong?

And as we know,
Those with the money,
And sadly seen as less human,
Get the final say.

As those who are normal,
Break away from those who are abnormal.

And through the years,
To now,
The abnormal rate as grown,
Being where this label at first was a thing as evil,
But in the end,
Something that has made ecosphere a little bit better,
For those who are seen as normal,
Are always most gone,
And the abnormal is growing.

For as long there are these labels go on,
Normal will die,
And they must know,
For how hard their going to make the abnormal,
Part of the world once more,
When before,
It was nothing but a dream.

And a dream it still is,
But a dream that is nice to have.

And as the labels keeping changing,
Fixing what was once seen different,
Will change into a common thing,
In time yes.

And in that time,
Labels will be carry proudly on one’s back,
For they define one person,
For good or bad,
But it takes away from is normal,
Making the abnormal stronger.

Abnormal is becoming pop culture today,
And normal is being a memory,
That everyone wants to forget.

Odd how a long ago a plan for change,
And for the best that this world needs,
Don’t you think?

Now all we need to do,
Is work on the things such as class?

And we might get something in this world.

But again,
It’s a dream.

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