I have notice that over years,
That there is this tick,
I have.

Doing it without thinking,
And how it plays out,
Is anyone game . . .

Some ticks are simple,
Such saying a word,
Not out loud but maybe as you write.

Where the tick come from,
Is unknown,
But it can at times,
Run deep in the blood stream.

Another tick,
May be something that can be,
Out of hand . . .

Within danger,
There must be a safety net for it,
In case that . . .
Tick . . .
Makes you into something that is seen,
Unhuman . . .

It understandable,
That some may not see why,
This tick controls you.

But the tick of loneliness haven’t,
Which means . . . ?
This tick,
That is beyond friendly,
Will be handle with care, tenderness, and love.

Until that tick is all but in lost in the past.

We’ll take time on it,
But it just needs to take a first step.

Saying what this tick is,
What has it done to your life?
And are you willing enough to make that change?

Is you say yes for change,
Throw that tick in the trash,
Take my hand,
Follow me to heal you.

If you say no,
It’s too hard to change,
That black hole is just too deep to crawl out of,
It can’t be done.

So be it,
It is your life,
That is your tick,
But it will be my tears that will be shedding,
Knowing that once old you,
Is gone.

As well as me.

I can’t stay to be around you.
I don’t want to see the down fall of you.

Endlessly following you,
Have come to the end,
For my heart and our friendship.

But my number is still is same,
Waiting for you to change.

The trashcan is there in the corner,
Throw that tick there,
And come find me.

Until you finally make a change,
I’ll be doing the same.

Goodbye for now,
Make those tick marks fade in time,
My friend.

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